Looking for Guest Bloggers


Attention: Authors, artists, coaches, entrepreneurs, and New Age Practitioners. I’m scheduling guest posts for January through June 2020. You can write your own post or contribute to one of the following series: Second Acts, Power of Ten, Author/Book Spotlights.

These are my guidelines. You can obtain a PDF here.

Second Acts Series

The theme of my novels and website is one of reinvention. In the Second Acts series, I have featured the reinvention stories of over 90 women.

You can provide your own post or structure it around the following questions:

1. Briefly describe your first act.
2. What triggered the need for change?
3. Where are you now?
4. Do you have advice for anyone planning to pursue a second act?
5. Any affirmations or quotations you wish to share?

Examples – Second Acts Series

Power of 10 Series

The posts in this series can pertain to your book or any aspect of your life. Some ideas include…

10 Interesting Facts About My Protagonist (Villain, Back Story…)
10 Tips About a Hobby or Special Interest (Parenting, Gardening, Yoga…)
10 Favorite Books (Movies, Actors, Foods, Quotes…)
10 Best Moments
10 Most Embarrassing Moments
10 Life Lessons from… (Mentors, Role Models, Heroes…)

Examples – Power of 10

Author Spotlights

Provide a short post about your writing journey.

Examples – Author Spotlights

General Details

In addition to the post, I will need your picture, book cover(s), social media links, other publications (and anything else you wish to share) at least three days prior to publication.


Contact me here.


End of an Awesome Era

Neil Pasricha has posted the last entry in  1000awesomethings.com

Since 2008, Neil has been writing about the small joys of his life. He started the blog as a way of cheering himself up during a dark period in his life. He was surprised when his daily ritual found unexpected success. Eleven months after his first entry, he won his first of three Webby awards and went on to secure lucrative book deals for three best-selling books: The Book of Awesome, The Book of Even More Awesome and The Book of Holiday Awesome.

In a recent interview, Pasricha said, “I found therapy and I found friendship by writing about simple pleasures every day.”

Some highlights…

#999   The last, crumby triangle in a bag of potato chips

#864   Mastering the art of the all-you-can-eat buffet

#567   Getting to the light at the end of the tunnel

#356   Wearing your boyfriend’s sweatshirt

#126   When someone brings you a coffee just the way you like it

#25     Kindergarten class photos

#2        Remembering how lucky we are how to have right now

#1       Anything you want it to be

Watch the Book of Awesome trailer.