Second Acts


Finding a Happier You by Darlene Fredette

The Good Years Are So Good by Liz Flaherty

Go for It! by Jennifer Wilck

An Inspiring Multi-Act Life by Alana Lorens

Trust Your Gut by Susie Black

Built Myself Up Layer By Layer by Pamela Thibodeaux

Just Keep Showing Up and Shining Out! by Candace Colt

Grab That Dream and Shake the Stuffing Right Out of It! By D.V. Stone

Trust That Little Voice Within by Wendy Stross

Adversity: A Catalyst for Reinvention by Kimberly Baer

Revisiting My Childhood Dream by Julie Howard

Seize the Day – Carpe Diem! by Jane Risdon

Turning Experience Into a Belly Laugh by Shirley Goldberg

Third Time’s a Charm by Darlene Deluca

Exploring a New Craft by Jeny Heckman

The Not So Pretty Way to the Next Act in Life by Colleen Donnelly

It’s Never Too Late by Barbara Bettis

When Opportunity Knocks by C.B. Clark

Expat Teacher Comes Home to Romancelandia by Sadira Stone

Act Two, Scene One by Kathy Bryson

On the Road to Romancelandia by Charlotte O’Shay

With Age Comes Second Chances by Nancy Badger

Don’t Hesitate…Act! by Barbara Nolan

From Pastries to Publishing by Sally Brandle

Growing Up by Carly Jordynn

A Mid-Life Revelation by Jodi Rath

From the Courtroom to the Classroom by Patti F. Smith

Boots to Books by KD Dubois

Walking Into the Light by Jeri Bronson

A Small Town Girl by Janeen Swart

Take a Leap by Carol Roddy

Revisiting My Dream by Iuliana Foos

Believe in Yourself by Maggie Mundy

An Unexpected Second Act by Mabry Hall

The Art of Reinvention by Claire Gem

Sometimes It Just Takes Courage by D.R. Grady

The M.D. Writer-Mom by Melissa Yuan-Innes

Merging My Passions by Mrs. N

Born To Be A Storyteller by Rayanne Haines

On Becoming the CEO of Fictionary by Kristina Stanley

All the World’s a Stage by Jude Knight

Living a Full Life by Lori L. Robinett

Dare to Think Big by Nancy Raven Smith

Spreading by Wings by Judy Alter

10 Ways to Make it to the Fourth Act by D.J. Adamson

Own Your Own Life by Nina Barrett

Listen to Your Inner Voice by Carole Ann Moleti

Of Course an Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks by Annalisa Carr

Indulge Your Passion by Ashantay Peters

A Storyteller’s Journey by Becky Lower

A Multi-Act Life by Charmaine Gordon

A Single Thread by Katherine Prairie

How Many Acts Can One Person Have? by Marsha West

An Original Invention by The Tea Pixie

Seeking Purpose by Carol Balawyder

Dreams Can Come True by Debra St. John

Never Stop Trying by Winona Kent

From Facts to Fiction by Judy Penz Sheluk

The Heart of the Story by Marian Lanouette/Merry Holly

Follow Your Passion by Tina Frisco

Writers Have to Write by Susan Coryell

84 and Still Going Strong! by Charmaine Gordon

From Schooners to Float Planes…A Writer’s Journey by Cheryl Harrington

The Adventures Never End by Heather Embree

Just Keep Swimming by Angela Scavone

First, Second and Third Acts by Vonnie Hughes

From Human Anatomy to the Anatomy of a Murder by Dr. Noelle Granger

Change by Stella Marie Alden

Changing Channels by MJ Compton

The Reinvention of AND(REA)(Y)(IE)(I) by Andrea Downing

The Tao of NGU NGI by Peggy Jaeger

If Not Now, When? by Lucille Fisher

You Never Know Where Your Words Will Take You! by Linda O’Connor

An Extraordinary Ordinary Life by Susan Van Kirk

From Emotional Roller Coaster to Emotional Freedom by Catherine Simmons

Living Your Dream in Never a Failure by Camille Faye

Seven-Year Itches by Joyce Ann Brown

A 1000 Mile Midlife Journey Starts with One Courageous Step by Saskia Jennings

Pursue Your Dreams by Anne Ashby

Adventure to Clarity by Stephanie Mount

Don’t Wait for Permission to Do What You Love by Lorna Faith

From Lawyer to Romance Author by Stacy Hoff

Beyond the Classroom by Hannah Diamond

Swept Away by Aprille Janes

Follow Your Passions by Alma San Roman

What Doesn’t Kill You by Alison Williams

Conflicting Passions by Kassandra Lamb

Making the Most of Second Chances by Julie Ryan

From Classroom to Lunchroom by Gwen Stephens

How Many Acts to A Life by Ryan Jo Summers

Life Is What You Make It by Dormaine G

If You Don’t Have a Dream by Adrienne Vaughan

Hold On Tight to Your Dreams by Lizzie Lamb

Breaking Down Barriers by Dawn Rusinko

Chapter 3: All My Days are Saturdays by Barb Taub

Living Life Without Regrets by Patti Pokorchak

Your Time to Shine by Gay Yellen

Life is for Living by Katie Hamstead

Romance: Bah Humbug? by June Kearns

How Cancer Opened a Door for Me to Walk Through by Karen Ingalls

70 and New Beginnings by Susan B. James

Withstanding the Fire by Dr. Julie Connor

Never Stop Learning by Kath Unsworth

From Wrong to Right by Harmony Kent

Making a Difference Makes Me a Better Person by Rosie Amber

Is There Life After Three Career Attempts and an Unfinished PhD? by Francis Guenette

When I Grow Up by Robyn Roze

My Life Across the Tasman Sea by Elizabeth Preston

The Second Act by Karin Shah

Serving Without Boundaries by Dr. Hina Fatima

A Dream Achieved by Samanthya Wyatt

My Journey Through Babies, Blackboards, and Books by Monica Knightley

Giving Up Vaudeville by Mahrie Reid

The Second Act of the Second Act by Eris Field

Creative Energy Overload by Kim Handysides

A Late Bloomer’s Story by Brenda Stinnett

Beyond Seven-Year Itches by Anne B. Cole

Connecting Purposefully and Passionately by Smiljana Orlic

A Satisfying Life by Janis Lane

Carpe Diem by Lori Anding King

How Katie O’Boyle Got Her Wings by Katie O’Boyle

Happily Ever After: In Fiction and In Life by C.D. Hersh

From Comfort Zone to Stretch Zone by Tina Susedik

When Change Comes Knocking by Maggie Mundy

Second Act Wisdom–Part III

An Unexpected Path by Karen Lopp

Transitions are a B*$^%! by Roz Murphy

Take Two or Three…by Tara Coulter

Life Gets Better and Better! by Neva Brown

Journeying Toward a Second Act by Carol Varsalona

Shattered First Acts Make Sweeter Second Acts by Catherine Castle

More Second Act Wisdom

Stepping Out of the Box by Lilas Taha

Leaving Wall Street by Susan Peterson Wisnewski

Escape is Possible by J.J. Devine

Second Act Wisdom

Keep Dreaming But Take Action… by Marcy Field

Career Incarnations and Beyond by Sarah Hegger

Second Chances by Becky Lower

Redefining Success by Kathy Bryson

Reinvention and Baby Boomers by Beth Carpenter

A Leap of Faith by Nikki Roach

Open Mind | Open Heart by B. J. Scott

Beyond All Expectations by Anna Markland

Reinventing Myself by Jana Richards

Hunting for Adventures by Jodie Esch

A New Invention by Penny Gundry

Exploring, Changing, Dreaming by Jacqui Nelson

I Hate to be Pigeonholed by Debra H. Goldstein

Second Act Reflections by Lynn Chandler Willis

A Second Act with Al Capone by Linda Pennell

A Journey of Self-Awareness by Sandra Dawes

When the Universe Responds by Dr. Christy Johnson

Growing Your Life Garden by Jackie Yun

A Millenial’s Second Act by Leanne Ballard

Make That Mental Shift by Emelia Sam

Never, Never, Never Give Up! by JoAnne Myers

A Song’s Second Act by Joanne Guidoccio

How I Turned My Life’s Dream Into a Reality at Age 58 by Joanne Guidoccio