On Tour with Goddess Fish – Day 8

It’s my eighth Monday on tour with Goddess Fish.

I’m visiting the It’s Raining Books blog and sharing five little known facts about myself. I’m also including a blurb, excerpt, and buy links for No More Secrets.

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10 Interesting Facts About My Protagonist – Jordan James, PI

I’m happy to welcome back Soul Mate author Rachel Sharpe. Today, Rachel shares ten interesting facts about the protagonist of her mystery series.

Here’s Rachel!

Jordan James is the main character of my Jordan James, PI series and its protagonist. Please enjoy reading 10 interesting facts about her and her series.

10 – The best writing advice I ever received came from the wife of the late author Walker Percy, who told me to always “write what you know.” I try to make it a point to do just that.

9 – The premise for Simple Misconception came from my desire to write a story in Jordan’s hometown of New Orleans. The character of Natalie, her friend who turns up missing, is loosely based on an old friend from high school.

8 – The premise for Bitter Retribution came from two separate trips: one to Hollywood where I visited family who work in the entertainment industry, and one to Colorado to go skiing.

7 – The premise for Lost Distinction came from my fascination with the Kennedy family and a trip to Martha’s Vineyard I took prior to writing book two.

6 – The premise for Cold Ambition came one night after I had decided I wanted to write a novel. The first thought that came to my mind was I wanted her to be a girl from New Orleans living in New England who decided to follow a childhood dream and become a private investigator, which was my childhood dream.

5 – Jordan’s childhood neighborhood is based on my grandparents’ neighborhood.

4 – Jordan’s first client and love interest, Rick, is based on former 1950s teen idol, Rick Nelson (hence the name).

3 – The character of Jon Riche, Jordan’s associate, foil, and sometimes love interest, came about during the first draft of Cold Ambition. He’s not based on anyone in particular and almost writes himself. I enjoy writing about him because I never fully know where he may take Jordan or the story.

2 – Jordan’s best friend, Heather, is based on my best friend.

1 – Jordan James isn’t based on me, but on what I’ve considered could have been my alternate life had my life gone differently.

Bio and Links

Rachel Sharpe is the author of Cold Ambition, Lost Distinction, Bitter Retribution, and Simple Misconception, all part of the Jordan James, PI series, a mystery series with sweet romance. Although born and raised in the South, “Yankee” relatives first led Rachel to historic New England, which she has come to consider her second home and is the setting for the series.

Rachel currently resides with her husband and children in the Greater New Orleans area.

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Rachel’s Novels

When Jordan James decided to embark on a career as a private investigator, she never could have imagined that a chance encounter would lead to her staring down the barrel of a gun on the roof’s edge of a high-rise building. As she begins to investigate her first case, the puzzling murder of a prominent businessman that has left Boston’s finest mystified for more than two decades, she finds herself suddenly immersed in a treacherous underworld brimming with betrayal, raw greed, and political subterfuge of international proportions. In the midst of this, she discovers she is falling for her mysterious client despite the hints of his dark past. Can this feisty Southern girl with a penchant for trouble solve this baffling case, or is she doomed to become another tragic chapter in an international conspiracy?


“It all started with a favor . . .”

When private investigator Jordan James agreed to search for the missing son of a U.S. Ambassador, she didn’t realize she was walking into a case one hundred years in the making. The deeper she delves into this unusual assignment, the more shocking, and the more dangerous, it becomes. With time running out and lives at stake, Jordan must race to identify the culprit of an elaborate plot while also uncovering a far more personal truth too intimate to ignore . . .


“What started out as a star-studded vacation has turned into a sensational avalanche . . .” When private investigator Jordan James decided to join her best friend on the set of her hit television series in the Rocky Mountains, she had no idea she would become a key player in a murder mystery more suited for the big screen than the slopes. With one actor dead and a killer on the loose, can Jordan uncover the culprit before another victim makes headlines on Hollywood Minute?


A Trip to the Big Easy Turns into a Big Nightmare…”

When private investigator Jordan James returns home to New Orleans for Christmas, she never imagined her holiday could end with kidnapping and death. As she begins to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a childhood friend, she unwittingly stumbles upon a dangerous, international syndicate. With lives at risk and time running short, Jordan must find a connection between these seemingly unrelated events if she ever hopes to find her friend.


On Tour with Goddess Fish – Day 7

It’s my seventh Monday on tour with Goddess Fish.

I’m visiting the Hope.Dreams.Life…Love blog and chatting about my writing journey and No More Secrets.

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10 Interesting Facts About the Glass Dolphin Mystery Series

I’m happy to welcome Canadian author Judy Penz Sheluk. Today, Judy shares interesting facts about the Glass Dolphin Mystery Series and her new release Where There’s a Will (Book 3).

Here’s Judy!

1. The Glass Dolphin is the name of an antiques shop where, according to owner Arabella Carpenter, “authenticity matters.” In early drafts of the novel, it was called the Blue Dolphin, until Judy discovered there was a Blue Dolphin Antiques in Maine (there’s also one in Oregon, and there are probably others, too). It just seemed easier to change the name.

2. The Glass Dolphin got its name from Arabella’s first antique “find,” a pair of cobalt blue dolphin candlestick holders, made by the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company in Sandwich, Mass. Production of dolphin candlesticks began about 1840 and continued for 35 to 40 years. They were produced in clear or opaque milk glass, as well as in colored glass, including green, canary yellow, and cobalt blue. Blue is generally the most sought after color.

3. The Glass Dolphin is located on historic Main Street in Lount’s Landing, a small town about ninety minutes north of Toronto, Canada. The town of Lount’s Landing (on the Dutch River), is loosely based on Holland Landing (on the Holland River), where Judy lived for 25 years.

4. The fictional Lount’s Landing was named after Samuel Lount, a blacksmith, farmer, and politician who lived in the village of Holland Landing in the nineteenth century. He was hanged for treason on April 12, 1838. There is a historic plaque dedicated to Samuel Lount in front of the Holland Landing Library and Community Centre.

5. Lount’s last words as he headed to his death were, “We die in a good cause; Canada will yet be free.” These words play a pivotal part in The Hanged Man’s Noose, book 1 in the series.

6. The Hanged Man’s Noose is the name of a local pub, owned and operated by Betsy Ehrlich, a history buff and a good friend of Arabella’s. Her signature drink is the Treasontini, a blueberry vodka martini. [Download the recipe here: http://www.judypenzsheluk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/How-to-Make-a-Treasontini.pdf%5D

7. The Hanged Man’s Noose also offers a good selection of pub food, including Arabella’s favorite: Full Noose Nachos. [Download the recipe here: http://www.judypenzsheluk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/FULL-NOOSE-NACHOS.pdf%5D

8. Arabella’s sleuthing partner is Emily Garland, a former freelance journalist and local magazine editor, and now a partner in the Glass Dolphin. A bacon eating “vegetarian,” Emily’s name comes from Emily in Emily Climbs by L.M. Montgomery and Judy’s namesake, Judy Garland.

9. Arabella’s ex-husband, Levon Larroquette, is an antiques picker (think American Pickers). He is also a major character in each book. In Judy’s head, Levon looks like a young Kris Kristofferson (think A Star is Born, 1976). Levon’s name is a combination of the Elton John song, Levon, and the last name of actor John Larroquette.

10. All factual information in each book has been carefully researched; Judy was the Senior Editor at New England Antiques Journal from 2008 through 2018, and prior to that, the Editor for Antiques & Collectibles Showcase. And like Emily Garland, she was also a freelance journalist for many years.

About the Glass Dolphin Mystery Series

A cozy mystery series without the cats, crafts, or cookie recipes, the Glass Dolphin mysteries follow the investigations of amateur sleuths Arabella Carpenter and Emily Garland. The books include: The Hanged Man’s Noose (#1), A Hole in One (#2), and Where There’s A Will (#3). While it is always preferable to read a series in order, any one of the titles can be read as a standalone.

About Where There’s A Will

Emily Garland is getting married and looking for the perfect forever home. When the old, and some say haunted, Hadley house comes up for sale, she’s convinced it’s “the one.” The house is also perfect for reality TV star Miles Pemberton and his new series, House Haunters. Emily will fight for her dream home, but Pemberton’s pockets are deeper than Emily’s, and he’ll stretch the rules to get what he wants.

While Pemberton racks up enemies all around Lount’s Landing, Arabella Carpenter, Emily’s partner at the Glass Dolphin antiques shop, has been hired to appraise the contents of the estate, along with her ex-husband, Levon. Could the feuding beneficiaries decide there’s a conflict of interest? Could Pemberton?

Things get even more complicated when Arabella and Levon discover another will hidden inside the house, and with it, a decades-old secret. Can the property stay on the market? And if so, who will make the winning offer: Emily or Miles Pemberton?

Purchase Links

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About the Author

A former journalist and magazine editor, Judy Penz Sheluk is the author of two mystery series: the Glass Dolphin Mysteries and the Marketville Mysteries. Her short crime fiction appears in several collections, including The Best Laid Plans and Heartbreaks & Half-truths, which she also edited.

Judy is a member of Sisters in Crime, International Thriller Writers, the Short Mystery Fiction Society, and Crime Writers of Canada, where she serves as Chair on the Board of Directors. Find her at http://www.judypenzsheluk.com.

Samuel Lount photo courtesy of Ontarioplaques.com

Spotlight on Harmony’s Embrace

I’m happy to welcome Wild Rose Press author Amber Daulton. Today, Amber shares her new release, Harmony’s Embrace.


Reuniting with the man who broke her heart has never felt so right.

Divorced dad Birley Haynes is too busy raising his children and running his family’s music academy to start a relationship. Then Harmony Holdich, his high school sweetheart, returns home to Willow Springs, Vermont for Christmas and falls into his bed. She brings light and fun back into his life, but he can’t brush aside the threatening incidents around his workplace.

Harmony hadn’t expected a complication like Birley, especially so soon after the death of her unfaithful husband. With her life a mess, she plans to move across the country and start over. All she can offer him is a fling, but her heart yearns for more.

When the threats rise, how will Birley keep his children safe and convince Harmony to give love another chance?


He sighed heavily. Snapping at her wouldn’t convince her to stick around. “Have you thought about me over the years?”

Her bottom lip trembled, then she sucked it between her teeth. “Of course I have. High school was a long time ago, and our dreams clashed. You wanted a laidback life, even though you cut loose with Susannah in college. I wanted big-city living, and I got it. I like it.”

“So a rich-ass condo means that much to you? You want a new job slaving away five or six days a week for some major corporation until you’re exhausted?” He silently cursed. Not only did he slave away at his job, he was growing more tired of it by the day.

Good job, man. Way to control your temper.

In the back of his mind, he’d always believed he and Harmony would find one another again. Susannah and Claude didn’t compute. How crazy was that? Did he marry someone so different from himself because, subconsciously, he didn’t want the relationship to work?

A frown creased her brow. “I don’t need or want expensive things, but I like to work, to feel useful. My dream home is a little yellow bungalow with a big yard in a suburb.” She rocked in the chair as though she longed to jump up and run out the door. “I don’t want to argue. Let’s finish eating and hit the slopes.” She polished off her chips in a handful of loud crunches.

“What did you expect?” His throat constricted. “We’ve never hashed this stuff out since Susannah and Claude were always stuck up our asses. It’s time we deal with it.”

She scowled, then finished her grinder.

Birley gritted his teeth. Why had he been so stupid all those years ago? He’d wanted her to attend the University of Vermont with him, but she balked at another lengthy stint in school. He never should’ve walked off, leaving her crying on the porch of her parents’ house. She wanted time to think about her future—they’d only graduated from high school that morning—but her refusal didn’t mean she’d stopped loving him.

Too bad he hadn’t realized the truth at the time. She’d hurt his pride and broken his heart. Nothing mattered but hurting her in return. They avoided each other for the rest of the summer, then he headed off to the university.

God, how he’d missed her. She’d continued to work for her uncle while earning her accounting degree at a local community college and later moved to New Jersey for her job. Any chance of repairing their relationship had left with her, but by then, he was with Susannah.

Birley ate the rest of his sandwich, which slid down his gullet like cardboard. “No matter what you decide, I’m happy you’re home now.” The hope in his chest deflated. He stood and tugged on his gloves. “Let’s hit one of the blue squares. You okay with that?”

She nodded and followed him up. After they threw away their trash, they left the lodge.

Purchase Links

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Easily read in one sitting, Harmony’s Embrace is a beautifully written second-chance romance set during a holiday season in small-town Vermont. From the start, I found myself rooting for the delightfully flawed protagonists—Harmony and Birley—as they struggle to overcome pasts fraught with heartache and abuse. I strongly recommend setting aside large blocks of uninterrupted reading time. You won’t be able to put this book down.

Well done, Ms. Daulton!

About the Author

Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through The Wild Rose Press, Books to Go Now, and Daulton Publishing, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats.

She lives in North Carolina with her husband and demanding cats.

Website | Facebook Author Page | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page | BookBub | Instagram

On Tour with Goddess Fish – Day 6

It’s my sixth Monday on tour with Goddess Fish.

I’m visiting Eileen Troemel’s blog and chatting about my writing journey and No More Secrets.

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Spotlight on Life with Ollie

I’m happy to welcome author Donna G. Bourgeois. Today, Donna shares her new release, Life with Ollie.


If you are of dating age or married, I wrote this book for you.

This is not a self-help or a how-to book. This is the story of the metamorphosis of a timid, fear filled child who finally blossomed into a warrior. I have many scars that no one can see, but they are healed now. Through these battles to become a warrior, I have helped the wounded souls that have come to me and seen them overcome their demons to stand tall and proud of who they are. It has brought me great joy.

Through the years, I have heard along the way that the ancient Chinese would fix their broken china cups or figurines with gold to make them whole again, and more valuable. I believe that humans can be repaired with love and a sense of self-worth. Each and every one of us are here for a purpose and we are given gifts to help fulfill our purpose.

I would love for you to come on this journey with me.


My stepdad was a newspaper man, then the editor of Truck Transportation magazine. He then went on to work in the public relations department at Bell Canada. He received many awards for his films and articles about Bell.

There were still fights and I got to know when they would arrive home from the press club. I would always wake a half hour before they arrived, no matter what the time was, and I would start to sweat in fear of what was coming. By now, I was getting hauled out of bed to take sides. God, what a mess. I told them if the fighting didn’t stop, I was leaving. That helped for a while.

I met a man named John and we began dating. He was tall and handsome, but what I liked the most was that he was stable. His “yes” was yes, and his “no” was no. He would be my pillar and I could count on him to take a stand with me against my mother. Or so I thought.

He had asked me if he could borrow my car for a week. Even though I was twenty years old, I still felt I had to ask my mother. She said yes. I told my boyfriend that he could have my car for the week. Then, a few days before he came to pick it up, Mom decided he could not have the car. I reminded her that she had said yes and I told him yes, and that I was not going back on my word. Mom would do this all the time, say yes and then say no. It kept me off balance. I, on the other hand, believed you should always keep your word. We had a big fight over this. I told her I was twenty years old and I thought it was about time I had a say over my own life. It didn’t matter how much she argued with me, I stood firm. My boyfriend had the car for the week. His car was in the shop and I was not going to leave him high and dry.

It probably scared her that she was losing control over me. Then—poof!—she told me my father wanted to see me. I am not always the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, because it didn’t hit me until later that she had phoned him and asked him to back her up—that I should still do as I was told. I couldn’t believe that, all along, she’d known where he was and she had purposely kept me away from him. I could have had my father for most of my growing-up years. He was back home from England and had been in Ottawa for years. Still, she’d kept me from him. I would often ask her what he was like; she never badmouthed him, but she made the idea of him sound so final that I wouldn’t ask after him again for a long time.


Author Bio and Links

Donna G. Bourgeois enjoys writing and painting, both excellent activities to soothe the soul. She went to university at 65-years-old and earned an associate degree in theology, just to keep the grey matter healthy. She considers her greatest quality to be the ability to love greatly and be kind to those who life have put on her path. Life with Ollie is her first book, although she has many more story ideas waiting in the wings. She believes if you listen to your inner voice, you will find your bliss.

Website | Goodreads


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Cover Reveal: Baked with Love

I’m thrilled to reveal the cover of Peggy Jaeger’s next novel…


Innkeeper Maureen O’Dowd lives to cook and bake, spoils her family and friends, and is an expert at keeping secrets, especially about the man who’s held her heart for years.

Police Chief Lucas Alexander is dealing with an aging father and a moody teenage son, and he’s in love with a woman who only wants to be friends.
How can these two fiercely private people reveal their feelings for one another without destroying the friendship they already have? And if they’re successful, will another secret, if revealed, drive a wedge between Maureen and Lucas that can never be repaired?


On Tour with Goddess Fish – Day 5

It’s my fifth Monday on tour with Goddess Fish.

I’m visiting two blogs today:

Chatting about the protagonist’s daughters of the heart on Viviana MacKade’s blog.

A review on the Hurn Publications blog.

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Book Blast: The Sinister Superyacht

I’m happy to welcome author Ana T. Drew. Today, Ana shares her upcoming release, The Sinister Superyacht.


French tycoon Jean-Louis Ponsard is having a bad year.
Unwise investments, canceled orders, deals falling through…
In the thick of it, his yacht becomes the scene of a suspicious death, and his year of misfortune hits the bed of the Mediterranean Sea.
To make matters worse, the victim isn’t just anybody.
She’s his much-hated mother-in-law.

Onboard, caterer Julie Cavallo and her quirky grandma Rose do some poking around.
But every luxury cabin hides a secret.
Every passenger has an alibi or no reason to want the victim dead.
Discretion rules.
The crew keeps mum.
So do the marble countertops, gem-incrusted walls, and gold sinks.
When the cops take charge, things go to pieces, and not only for the Ponsard family.

Can Julie dive to the murky bottom of the sea, unravel the case, and come back up still breathing?


Author Bio and Links

Ana T. Drew is the evil mastermind behind the recent series of murders in the fictional French town of Beldoc. When she is not writing cozy mysteries or doing mom-and-wife things, she can be found watching “The Rookie” to help her get over “Castle”. She lives in Paris but her heart is in Provence.

>>> Visit ana-drew.com for a free cookbook and a game!

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Release Day: November 20