A Week of Mermaid Posts

I’m grateful to everyone who supported the $0.99 promotion of my mermaid novels, Between Land and Sea and The Coming of Arabella.

Special thanks to the bloggers who spread the news throughout Canada, US, and UK.

Here’s a recap of the week’s posts:

Monday, March 30

Sharing Mermaid Humor (my blog)

Tuesday, March 31

A Tale of Two Trailers (Sisterhood of Suspense blog)

All About Fantasy Hen Lit (Jacqui Biggar)

Antagonist Interview (Sue Berger)

Wednesday, April 1

Are You Ready to Suspend Belief? (Chris the Story Reading Ape)

Mermaid Wisdom (C.D. Hersh)

Inspirational Quotes (Nancy Badger)

Thursday, April 2

Men and Mermaids (Peggy Jaeger)

Interview with Vicki Batman

Friday, April 3

Interview with Helen Hulene Bartell

A Different Kind of Fantasy Element (my blog)

***Today is the last day of the sale***

Blurb – Between Land and Sea

After giving up her tail for an international banker, Isabella of the Mediterranean kingdom is aged, weathered, and abandoned on the fog-drenched shores of southwest England. She faces her human journey as a plain and practically destitute fifty-three-year-old woman.

With the help of a magic tablet and online mermaid support, she reinvents herself as a career counselor, motivational speaker, and writer of self-help books. Along the way, she encounters a cast of unforgettable characters, among them former mermaids, supportive and not-so-supportive women, deserving and undeserving men, and several New Agers. As Isabella evolves into Barbara Davies, she embraces her middle-aged body, heals her bruised heart, and learns to love again.

This contemporary version of The Little Mermaid offers hope and inspiration to anyone who has been dumped, deceived, or demoted. It will also appeal to mermaid enthusiasts.

Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK)

Blurb- the Coming of Arabella

On the day of her engagement party, an ex-mermaid’s life is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of another mermaid—a sister she has never known. Under normal circumstances, Barbara Davies would be overjoyed, but her special day is already wrought with tension. While Barbara is not the first mermaid from the Mediterranean kingdom to settle in small town Ontario, she has yet to reveal her origins to her fiancé. So, when Arabella, the gorgeous sister whose disturbing black eyes banished her to the island of Crete, saunters into her life, clutching the arm of Barbara’s discarded lover, a powder keg of emotion is released.

Relationships falter and careers stall as envy stirs in the hearts of the sisters. On the verge of meltdown after her fiancé leaves Canada for a teaching job in Vermont, Barbara flees to Arizona hoping for a reprieve. There, she finds solace at a retreat for ex-mermaids and a second chance at love with a charismatic preacher. As she contemplates a new life in the desert paradise of Sedona, shocking secrets emerge and tragedy strikes. A stronger and wiser Barbara rises up to face these new challenges and embrace the best parts of her mermaid heritage.

Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK)


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