Introducing Nadežda Rajčan

Last week, I met Nadežda Rajčan at a writing workshop. I offered to share her book, Contemporary Fairy Tales and Stories for all Ages, with all of you.

Here is the book which was envisioned in the heart and soul of our author, Dr Nadežda Rajčan, a long time before it was published. This book was created in a special part of her heart, as if with silk threads, and it now has its own myth and permanent dimension. The stories within this book needed to be told and as they came forth, they offered the listeners and readers a beautiful and imaginative revived world.

Contemporary Fairy Tales and Stories for all Ages is a collection of stories that allow the reader, or listener, to visualize the connection between the things which can be, or cannot be connected, in such a harmonious fashion. What I was especially impressed with, was the way Dr Nadežda Rajčan brought things, such as toys, computers and flowers to life. In this way, she succeeded in making everything interesting, and everybody around herself a goodhearted person.

As well, the professionally designed illustrations, and the carefully selected photographs, compliment the stories, thereby allowing children to develop their imagination. Dr Nadežda Rajčan wrote these modern fairy tales, which are full of wonders and positive emotions, as a spiritual gift to her grandchildren.

By dividing the stories into six chapters, according to certain topics, the writer leads the readers from her corner of former Yugoslavia, where she grew up, not only to many countries and continents, but also beyond – to other planets and the outer reaches of the universe. Therefore, before you start to read these fairy tales and stories, I would like to suggest that you…

Buckle your seat belts because we are taking off on a grand journey!

This review was written by Radovan Vlahović, a writer at the Banat Cultural Center in Serbia.


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