Movie Review: We’re the Millers

Create a clean-cut family and you can get away with almost anything.

That was the plan hatched by Dave (Jason Sudeikis) when he faced the daunting task of having to repay his nasty drug lord (Ed Helms) for stolen drugs and cash. Conveniently enough, he found a wife in sarcastic stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston), a daughter in homeless teen Casey (Emma Roberts), and a son in his dorky, adolescent neighbor Kenny (Will Poulter).

On the Fourth of July, the foursome now known as the Millers sets off for Mexico to ferry a “smidge” of marijuana across the border. But nothing turns out as expected and the Millers find themselves dealing with a series of a calamities and awkward situations, among them an unusual request from a Mexican cop and lewd suggestions from a conservative, but sexually curious couple.

Definitely light fare and entertaining with a steady flow of jokes.