Spotlight on Mad for You in Madrid

I’m happy to welcome Soul Mate author Stacy Hoff. Today, Stacy shares her latest release Mad for You in Madrid.


Lori Cayne is in a tricky situation. Her public relations job has sent her to Spain for a project that is way over her head. Her task is to convince American tourists to stay at a Madrid hotel. Unfortunately, Lori knows little about public relations and even less about the hotel industry. Dealing with the client, however, will be the real challenge. Hotel magnate Daniel Vega is rich, uber-sexy, and the one-night stand that wasn’t. That’s because Lori had inadvertently stood him up before things got a chance to really heat up. Now Daniel wants nothing to do with her, personally or professionally.

Daniel Vega is none-too-pleased to learn that Lori will be handling his new hotel’s publicity campaign. Her flaky ways will be hell on his business, and on him. Yet shutting her out is hard to do when the woman is full of surprises and an even fuller heart. Her good nature makes her willing to do anything for anybody. When Daniel’s brother, Elias, asks Lori to be his fake-fiancée at an important event, Daniel is not surprised when Lori agrees. What he is surprised by is the pang of jealousy. Maybe Lori isn’t the only one with personal issues to work out. After all, if Daniel is truly the success he thinks he is, how can off-beat, business greenhorn Lori Cayne emotionally bring him to his knees?

When news of the fake engagement creates a scandal, both Lori’s company and Daniel’s world-wide enterprise may be damaged beyond repair. The damage done to their hearts, however, may be a whole lot worse.


Daniel’s head cocked to one side. “Is that your family’s business? A restaurant?”

“Oh, no,” Lori answered. “My family runs a public relations firm. When I was in college, I always worked elsewhere during summer breaks. To, well, you know . . .”



He smiled sympathetically. “I understand. I worked in my family’s business for many years.”

“It’s never easy, is it? How do you handle it?”

“I don’t. My solution was to leave and start my own company. Worked like a charm.”

“You made a good decision. Cheers.” She tapped her glass against his. “Here’s to survival. And to liquid courage.”


“How exactly did you tell your family you were leaving? I’d love inspiration.”

“Simple. I told them I was going off on my own. Not a bit of drama ensued.”

She felt a sharp sting from biting her lip. “That’s awesome. I don’t think I’d have such an easy time.”

He laughed. “I’m lying, of course. Extricating myself was quite the ordeal.”

Lori burst out laughing. “Should I doubt everything you say? Is your name even Daniel?”

“I would never kid about something as important as my name.”

“I see.” She grinned back at him. “A man who knows his own identity and isn’t afraid to flaunt it.” Heat rushed up to her cheeks. Was she flirting? Definitely. How the hell was she pulling it off? What’s in this drink anyway? A secret concoction of hormones and mojo? Maybe this was typical of how introductions could be—when she wasn’t under her mother’s ever-hovering shadow.

Lori fought off the memory of the last time she’d met an attractive man. Her mother had unexpectedly brought a potential new client around to her cubicle. Lori had been so nervous when she shook his hand, she knocked an entire cup of lukewarm coffee all over her white summer suit. The man’s beige blazer wasn’t neglected either. Horrified, she went to clean up the mess. Grabbing a napkin off the desk, she dabbed at his jacket. Unfortunately, she’s grabbed the napkin she had used for her doughnut. The man’s beige blazer shined from fresh grease. Twin stains of shame. “What the hell?” she had shouted, in full panic mode.

Her mother had frowned. “Maybe if you didn’t constantly eat at your desk, these things wouldn’t happen.”

“How is drinking coffee eating?” Lori protested. “Has coffee morphed into a solid somehow?”

Her mother’s eyes traveled to the stale, damp, jelly doughnut swimming on her desk next to the overturned coffee cup. Powdered sugar particles lay victim everywhere.

Lori had quickly shut her mouth. Her mother and the gorgeous man walked away. His expression, like the condition of his sports coat, grim. Mom’s agitation radiated throughout the firm for the rest of the day. When her mother revealed Lori’s mishap cost the firm the business, Lori’s expression darkened, too. The result, every time her mother brought in a potential new client, Lori did her best to duck out of the office.

Of course, hiding was nothing new. On the first day of kindergarten, Mom ran up to Lori’s new classmates, introducing Lori as if Lori were mute. The surprised children stared at them both until embarrassment truly rendered Lori dumb. No wonder she dreaded introductions like death.

Weirdly, the introduction to Daniel was so easy, and so enticing, Lori fell right into it. Answering his amicable greeting had been easier than opening her eyes to a beautiful bright morning. Luckily, there had been no time to dwell on his too-handsome, ultra-sexy exterior.

Given her introverted nature, the successful meeting with Daniel was an anomaly. Could an anomaly turn into an opportunity? She glanced around the ballroom in search of her mother.


Each Building Love book can be read as a stand-alone novel. The other books in the Building Love series are:

About Stacy Hoff

Stacy Hoff is a contemporary romance author, as well as an attorney. She has practiced law for over two decades, primarily handling contracts. Romance novels have always been her secret passion. She writes her romantic stories until the wee hours of the night. Stacy lives in New England with her husband and two boys.

Stacy’s other full-length contemporary romance novels are:
JOCKEYING FOR YOU 2017 Gayle Wilson Award For Excellence winner
DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC (Desire #2) 2016 finalist in the Las Vegas Romance Writers “I Heart Indie” contest

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10 Interesting Facts About “Hotter than the Caribbean”

I’m happy to welcome Soul Mate author Stacy Hoff to the Power of 10 series. Today, Stacy shares the ten interesting facts about her latest release, Hotter than the Caribbean.

Here’s Stacy!

It’s always a pleasure to be on Joanne’s blog! I love sharing ten interesting facts about my new releases. Here are my top ten for HOTTER THAN THE CARIBBEAN (Building Love #2)

1. The Building Love series is a sexy soap opera. Each Building Love book is grounded in family scandals, fortunes, and secrets. I grew up watching Dynasty and Dallas, and was completely entranced by them. Apparently, I’m still an eighties gal at heart since I wrote not just one soap-opera style book, but three. (Or more! Who knows how long my desire for drama will last?)

2. The series is based on the resort construction industry. In my “day job” as a lawyer, I handle construction contracts. This gave me solid ground; the construction-related descriptions in the book were fast for me to write. (I don’t always write about the fields I know. JOCKEYING FOR YOU, set in the world of New York horse racing, required months of research, plus travel to the Belmont and Saratoga racetracks, and the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. Fortunately, these destinations were only a few hours away from where I live.)

3. There were some aspects to HOTTER THAN THE CARIBBEAN that I did have to research. The heroine is an interior designer, one that specializes in hospitality design (used by the hotel industry). I had an interior designer friend of mine fact-check my draft. I am grateful for her help, because errors make me crazy. (I guess it’s my inner-lawyer.) Her name appears in the acknowledgment page.

4. I had the Spanish phrases (including some cursing) doubled-checked, too. I stopped taking Spanish classes in high school. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I wasn’t good at it. I had a Spanish teacher friend of mine proof-read HOTTER THAN THE CARIBBEAN to make sure my Spanish was correct. Her name appears in the acknowledgment page as well. (Believe me, it takes a village!)

5. Each book in the Building Love series can be read as a stand-alone novel, with its own HEA (“happy ever after”). That said, it’s fun to read the books in order. Some of the characters in BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS (Building Love #1) reappear in subsequent books.

6. I have traveled to Puerto Rico, where HOTTER THAN THE CARIBBEAN takes place. In fact, I’ve traveled there many times, including Condado Beach and Old San Juan. Most of HOTTER takes place in these two locations. When I was growing up, my mother had the travel bug, and a love for the Caribbean. She’s been taking me there since I was five. This summer, my mom and I once again returned to the Caribbean, although we headed to Puerto Rico’s next-door-neighbor, Dominican Republic. We traveled from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo. We took my kids, who were amazed by the eco beaches, sugar crops, and banana trees.

7. My husband and I traveled to Puerto Rico five years ago. The trip was my surprise present to him for his fortieth birthday. (My mother’s gift to him was babysitting for the week.) I have a deep fondness for Puerto Rico and wanted my husband to have the same. Mission accomplished! Fun fact: my husband and I stayed at the Marriott hotel on Condado Beach that coincidentally appears on the cover of HOTTER THAN THE CARIBBEAN. I should send the cover artist flowers for giving me a book cover that doubles as a memento.

8. I already finished writing the third book in the Building Love series. It takes place in Madrid, Spain. I traveled to Madrid with my husband and kids last year. I’ll be blogging all about our journey soon. I’m excited to say that Building Love #3 will be released in March, 2018!

9. Several years ago, I traveled Las Vegas where BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS (Building Love #1) takes place. Who knows where I will travel next? Wherever it is could be inspiration for Building Love #4. (Any place can set off my imagination. My parents took me to Florida’s Everglades when I was a teenager. Roughly thirty years later the first book I had published, DESIRE IN THE EVERGLADES (Desire #1), was born. But perhaps I should mention that I did not travel to Gates of the Arctic National Park, where DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC (Desire #2) takes place. I’m too timid to expose myself to either Arctic temperatures or hungry bears.)

10. Despite my periodic travels, my regular life is pretty staid. When I’m at work, I slog away at contracts. The only book I’ve written that is somewhat like of my normal life is LAWFULLY YOURS. (Although I never did sleep with the boss!)


Luis Serrano, the unwanted love child of a hotel construction magnate, is determined to reach his father’s level of success. When Luis finds himself pitted against his half-brother for control over their ailing father’s company, sibling rivalry comes to a head. The stakes are high. The brother who best completes their portion of the Caribbean construction project will gain control over the entire company. To win, Luis hires an interior design firm. But the firm will have to perform difficult work under serious time constraints.

Melanie Merritt is used to sibling rivalry. She’s always been second best to her older sister, the “golden child” of their parents’ interior design firm. Melanie’s desire is to be an artist. She works for her family to appease them. Her newest task is to implement a complex project for Luis Serrano under an impossibly short deadline. If she fails, her family’s company may go bankrupt. But Melanie can’t keep her too-creative ideas away from her family, and the client.

Completing work on time won’t be easy. Especially when dual sibling rivalries threaten to destroy the project, and a passion hotter than the Caribbean.



Stacy Hoff is a contemporary romance author, as well as an attorney. She has practiced law for over two decades, primarily handling contracts. Romance novels have always been her secret passion. She writes her romantic stories until the wee hours of the night. Stacy lives in New England with her husband and two boys.

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Top 10 “Behind-the-Scenes” Facts About Betting On Love in Vegas

I’m happy to welcome Soul Mate author Stacy Hoff. Today, Stacy shares ten behind-the-scene facts about her new release, Betting on Love in Vegas.

Here’s Stacy!

Here are my top ten “behind the scenes” facts for my latest release, BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS.

1. My husband and I traveled to Las Vegas twice during our marriage (in the “before kids” era). We strolled up and down the Strip in awe of the many hotels. Since we grew up in New York City, we’re used to gawking tourists. It was odd for us to have the tables turned; we were probably the biggest gawkers in Vegas.


2. My husband and I ate at lots of hotels’ buffets. The feasts were heaven for our taste buds, but hell on our waistlines. We convinced ourselves that the weight we gained in Vegas would stay in Vegas. (Unfortunately, not the case.)

3. The Vegas Strip is an easy place to get around. There is a monorail system, plus buses and taxis. But the best way around is walking. Most of the hotels put on an elaborate street show, free to view. My favorite show was the Bellagio hotel’s “dancing” fountains. The water show was mesmerizing. I loved the fountains so much they appear multiple times in my story.

4. Of course, we wandered inside all the hotels, too. Walking through each hotel took us hours because there was so much to see. We saw everything from circuses (Circus Circus), to recreations of cities and countries (Caesar’s palace, New York New York, Paris, Monetcarlo), to pirate ships (Treasure Island). Being New Yorkers for most of our lives, New York New York hotel was our favorite.

5. BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS is my first go-around writing a book series from the very start. I decided on creating three stories, each being a stand-alone, yet connected by characters, industry (resort hotel construction), and soap-opera drama. The name of this new series is BUILDING LOVE.

6. The inspiration for my BUILDING LOVE series came from my childhood, watching the TV show “Dallas.” I hope people find my version of family secrets, lies, and scandals (with lots of steamy scenes) similarly addictive.

7. While the first two books of my BUILDING LOVE series are complete, book three is currently being written. It’s a fast writing pace to keep up. I don’t sleep much.

8. I chose a fun location for each of these stories. Book two (to be released October, 2017) takes place in the Caribbean. Book three takes place in Madrid, Spain. My trip to the Caribbean was about four years ago. My trip to Madrid just a few months ago.

9. I write best when I’ve actually visited the area I’m writing about. I’ve also been the to locations in my other books, such as the Everglades (DESIRE IN THE EVERGLADES, DESIRE series Book #1), Saratoga, New York (JOCKEYING FOR YOU), and Hartford, Connecticut (LAWFULLY YOURS).

10. The only place I have not personally visited is the Arctic Circle’s Gates of the Arctic National Park, in Alaska. For DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC (DESIRE series, Book #2), I binged watched Alaska realty TV shows, and visited New york City’s American Museum of Natural History to see taxidermy versions of the animals I needed for my story.



Catherine “Cat” Warner has problems. The profits from her inns are down. The pressure from her parents is up. Her love life is non-existent. But Cat did manage to get the attention of tough, powerful, gorgeous hotel magnate Ty Orland. Unfortunately, his interest in her is for all the wrong reasons. Instead of wanting Cat, this debonair CEO only wants her land—a parcel he desperately needs for his next big development deal. Too bad, it’s not for sale. A people pleaser by nature, Cat knows to stand strong. If she caves in to the demands of this sexy, alluring man, it will be her own neck on the line.

Ty Orland has a lot of things going for him. Success. Power. Respect. Unfortunately, he’s also got an old chip on his shoulder and a new financial nightmare. His development deal is going down in flames—and fast. His only way out is if Cat sells him her strategically located parcel. But romancing the land from her is not easy when love gets in the way. The woman is as beautiful as she is beguiling. And Ty no longer knows which prize is more valuable.



stacey_cartoon_v2-2Stacy Hoff is a contemporary romance author, as well as an attorney. She has practiced law for over two decades, primarily handling contracts. Romance novels have always been her secret passion. She writes her romantic stories until the wee hours of the night. Stacy lives in New England with her husband and two boys.

Stacy’s full-length contemporary romance novels are: JOCKEYING FOR YOU, LAWFULLY YOURS, DESIRE IN THE EVERGLADES (DESIRE series #1), and DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC (DESIRE series #2). BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS (BUILDING LOVE series #1) will be released 3/22/17. Book #2 in the BUILDING LOVE series will be released October, 2017.

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10 Interesting Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Jockeying for You

I’m thrilled to welcome Soul Mate author Stacy Hoff to the Power of 10 series. Today, Stacy shares a behind-the-scenes look at her latest release, Jockeying for You.

Here’s Stacy!

1. I knew nothing—absolutely nothing—about the sport of horse racing before I started researching for this book.

2. In order to learn more about the sport, I packed my bags and took several road trips. I headed off to Belmont Park (Queen, NY) and the Saratoga Race Course (Saratoga Springs, NY).


3. I also visited the National Museum of Racing & Hall of Fame, and the Oklahoma Training Track, both in Saratoga Springs, NY.


4. While in Saratoga Springs, I visited the Roosevelt Bath House & Spa, and took a guided water tour of Saratoga Spa State Park. The information I learned about the Park & Bathhouse’s legendary healing waters plays an important part of my story.

5. This is my first sports romance book. I’ve jumped around genres quite a bit (from action/adventure to women’s fiction) although I always stay within “contemporary.”

6. I took my kids to the Saratoga Race Course. Good thing they’re too young to bet. The horse they chose for the race we saw came in dead last.

jockeygoggles-27. My youngest son was given a pair of jockey goggles at the Saratoga Race Course by notable jockey Samuel Camacho, Jr., who was kind enough to autograph them. My son treasures this gift.

8. In downtown Saratoga Springs I visited a derby hat store, and learned all about these hats. It was surprising to learn that derby hats are mandatory for a track’s VIP women. If they do not wear one, they are barred from the VIP areas for not meeting the dress code requirements.

9. I also learned from the hat store that fascinations are smaller-sized head coverings. Wearing one of these will make a VIP woman at the track sufficiently dressed to access some of the VIP areas, although not all. Fascinations are not viewed as being as “appropriate” as derby hats.

10. I was challenged to write this book at a writers’ conference I attended, where participants were asked to come up with a plot line with external action showing the protagonist’s internal (i.e. emotional) character arc.



Jake Carter is on a mission—to prove his family wrong. He may have bought a troubled horse, but he’s hired Ryder Hannon, a “horse whisperer,” to get his horse back on track. She’s more than just a trainer to him, she’s the woman he’s been looking for.

Ryder Hannon, a thoroughbred horse trainer, has a big problem—fighting her fear of racing again. Her emotional scars run deeper than her physical ones. But her romantic feelings toward handsome, uber-rich, stable owner Jake Carter is a bigger problem. Is Jake truly in love with her or is he using her to get back at his smug family?

When Jake’s jockey gets injured, he wants Ryder to race. He knows deep down she wants to live up to her family’s legacy. So why does she keep fighting him—and her destiny?


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10 Interesting “Behind the Scenes” Features – Desire in the Arctic

I’m thrilled to welcome author Stacy Hoff to the Power of 10 series. Today, Stacy shares ten “behind the scenes” features of her upcoming release – Desire in the Arctic.

Here’s Stacy!

1. DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC takes place in Gates of the Arctic National Park, which is America’s most remote and least visited US Park. It is also the only US Park located in the Arctic Circle. Visitors can only access the park by plane, unless they want to hike five miles from the nearest highway and then cross a raging river. (A plan not recommended by the US Parks Department, by the way.)

GatesofArctic (2)

This is a photo of Gates of the Arctic National Park. The Brooks Mountain Range is in the distance. Tundra is in the foreground. The stormy weather shown here is accurate—a snowstorm can happen at any time, even in June. (This picture, courtesy of the US Government, is public domain.)

2. Once park visitors arrive, they will find no facilities of any kind and no ranger station. It is advised that only “expert” campers attempt to stay. All campers however, regardless of ability, are asked to check in at the park ranger station in Fairbanks with their camping dates, and further advised to also give their “vacation” information to loved ones. This way, a search and rescue mission can be launched if a camper fails to return. (Which is highly possible.)

The hero in my story, William “Redd” Redding, is a former Special Ops Marine who is an expert camper. He is familiar with all kinds of survival situations, and has spent time in Alaska.

3. My heroine Ana Davis, on the other hand, is a New York City native. The only hiking she’s done is in Central Park.

I grew up in New York City, too, so I can relate to Ana. The below picture is one I took of Central Park, which is not too far from the television station where Ana works. I wrote Ana’s point-of-view as if it were my own. I kept thinking, “what would I experience upon seeing Gates of the Arctic?”

Central Park (2)

4. I researched all the wildlife in the Arctic Circle for story authenticity. To do this, I traveled back to my old home in New York City to the American Museum of Natural History. Here I visited the exhibition hall of North American Mammals. Below is my picture of the museum’s wolverine exhibit.

Wolverine (2)

This furry guy pops up in my story. But don’t view wolverines as a cuddly pet. They are a lot deadlier than the look! Think of them as a cross between a giant weasel and a bear. (Would the famous X-Man be named after a wuss?)

5. I am a reality TV junky, so my DESIRE series is based on a survival/reality TV show where the characters have to survive the most brutal of wilderness situations for twelve days in order to win a million dollar prize. (I’m sick that way.)

I have been watching these survival/reality shows for a few years, especially ones that take place in Alaska. Here are some of my favorites: Railroad Alaska, Life Below Zero, The last Alaskans, and Buying Alaska. (Yeah, I know the last one is about home buying, but when I say I’m hooked on Alaska shows, I mean it.)

6. DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC is the sequel to DESIRE IN THE EVERGLADES. I have traveled to the Everglades, but not the Arctic Circle. Going back New York City was as far as I was willing to go towards researching this new book. Hey, what can I tell you? Unlike Wolverine, I am a wuss.

At least I survived seeing alligators in the Everglades during an airboat tour. (I also saw them in Disney World. You can see them, too, here in my photo.)


7. For DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC’s cover, I worked with the artist to get an accurate depiction of Gates of the Arctic in June, which is when my story takes place. The original cover was much colder looking, with lots of ice and snow. But there is some greenery in June, although that does not mean a sudden snowstorm can’t kick up.

Here is the final version of the cover.


8. I had no idea was I going to write this sequel when I penned DESIRE IN THE EVERGLADES. When I finally decided the story needed to be continued, I picked a survival climate that was the exact opposite of Florida’s heat and humidity. Cold weather kept things interesting for me, and hopefully for the reader, too.

9. “El Nino” has brought a relatively warm winter to those of us living in New England. That’s good, because I hate shoveling. But it does kind of kill the Arctic mood. Luckily, when I started writing DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC last winter, there was plenty of snow on the ground to keep me inspired.

The wolverine tracks pictured below are ones I wouldn’t want to see when my back yard gets snowy. Luckily for me, these paw prints were spotted in Gates of the Arctic.

Wolverine (2)

Oh, but wait a minute! That’s not lucky for my characters. Hope they stay strong! (Photo courtesy of the US Government, and is public domain.)

10. Although I write all kinds of romance, from contemporary to dark “new adult,” I must admit that action/adventure stories are some of my very favorites to write.

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DesireintheEverglades400 (2)LawfullyYours600 (2)Hot Seduction cover (2)


Thanks to Joanne Guidoccio for having me on!

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From Lawyer to Romance Author

Welcome to my Second Acts Series!

Today, we have Soul Mate author Stacy Hoff chatting about the childhood dream that has come to fruition.

Here’s Stacy!

Stacey_Cartoon_v2 (2)I am so glad to be on the Second Acts blog! I think the biggest reason this column resonates with me is because I, too, have started the second act of my life.

I had wanted to be a writer ever since I was little. When the time came for me to pick a profession, however, I chose what I thought of as a steadier (and more solvent) career path—law. So I packed up my things and moved to Boston for law school.

As soon as I arrived, however, I started having second thoughts. It was immediately apparent that the creative process I had embraced as an English major undergraduate had no place in the law. Writing became strictly a matter of templates and formula. And although law school was intellectually challenging, it wasn’t emotionally engaging.

The lack of emotional connection was hard for me. Being an only child growing up with a hard working single mom, emotional connections were always something I craved. It’s what had drawn me to English literature in the first place. Within the pages of books I found endless personal interaction. A plethora of people to laugh with, cry with, sympathize with, and appreciate. The prospect of having instant “family” (even if only on paper) enticed me to read as a kid and, frankly, still compels me to write as an adult.

When I was back in law school, the formal and academic environment made me feel like I had no “family” there. No one for me to latch onto. The reason was pretty clear – the legal field doesn’t run to embrace creative types. Unfortunately, the end result back then was to distance myself from my peers, the school, and the career.

Eventually, I did learn to adapt my personality (enough, anyway). It’s now been almost twenty years since I’ve graduated from law school. And yes, I am a lawyer. But just because I have practiced successfully does not mean I want to continue practicing indefinitely. It’s time to start thinking about when I’m going to completely close the curtain on my first act.

For my second act, what I want is to fully embrace my creative self. To have writing at the center of my life. For me, that means writing contemporary romance novels full-time.

Right now, I have one book published, a second under contract, and two other manuscripts underway. Doing all this has not been easy; fiction writing is something I do as a sideline. I write late at night. Early in the mornings. Weekends when I can sneak it in, considering I have to take care of my two boys. It’s an added bonus prize when I can steal some time alone with my husband. Balancing everything isn’t easy.

It’s still way to soon for me to become a writer full-time. My debut novel, DESIRE IN THE EVERGLADES, just came out September 17, 2014. That means I’m going to continue balancing for a while. I can tough it out. It’s better to pursue my goal from the sideline than to forfeit the game.

After all, if I quit, my second act would never truly get underway.



Stephanie Lang’s successful career as a television producer can’t give her everything she wants out of life. Her personal goals of writing a romance novel and finding true love languish. Emotionally scarred by her fiancé’s affair with her cousin, she doesn’t have the confidence to go after either goal again. At least she has professional confidence to fall back on—she is ready to produce the company’s next hit show. But when her boss reveals what the show is about, a survival documentary starring a sexy, modern version of Crocodile Dundee, Stephanie’s life is turned upside down. Colin Brandt, billed as “The Evergladiator,” will tackle Florida’s Everglades with nothing more than his bare hands and a knife. Stephanie, instantly attracted to handsome, rugged, enigmatic Colin, worries he will not survive his twelve-day odyssey. If he does, he’ll win a million dollars. If he fails, his beloved family’s farm will go into foreclosure. Can Colin conquer the Everglades? And can he conquer her heart?


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Joanne here!

Stacy, thank you for sharing your ongoing reinvention story. I enjoyed reading Desire in the Everglades and look forward to your future releases.