Proud (when I’m not freaking out about it) “Writer”

I am happy to spotlight Soul Mate author Crystal Firsdon. Enjoy her unique take on writer vs “writer” and learn more about her recent release, Almost Wrecked.

Here’s Crystal!

crystalfWith the publication of my debut novel, Almost Wrecked, I can finally call myself a “Writer”. Not a Writer, a “Writer”.

What’s the difference, you ask?

A Writer is someone who meant to become a Writer. These people probably knew early on that writing would always be a part of their life. Poetry, non-fiction, literary fiction, fan-fiction, smut, whatever. They’ve always loved to write, kept at it, honed their craft, and it shows. Most are not fortunate to be able to quit their day jobs, but writing is always their other career. Not much gets in the way of these people writing.

A “Writer” is someone who tripped over something—probably their own feet as they absently spun stories in their head—and fell face first into their keyboard. Their noses plunked out letters onto the screen, and whaddayaknow . . . sentences appeared. They decided to run with it. They’d get stuck sometimes, and bang their heads on their keyboards, wondering why they were torturing themselves. Lucky for them, their foreheads were just as talented as their noses; more sentences appeared for them to run with. Time passes, they open their laptops one day, and type the final words of an entire novel.

“Writers” aren’t untalented, we’re just less self-assured in our work than Writers. We let our lower confidence, and lots of other stuff, get in the way of finishing the sequel or whatever story we started next. Many of us are formally educated, though not in the writing craft, and have or had professional careers. We hope to turn into Writers one day, but for now are content to jump up and down squealing/ hyperventilating at the thought that we have our work out in the world.

I’d love to take a poll and see what there’s more of—Writers or “Writers”. If you write for the purpose of others reading your work, let us know in the comments section which type of writer you are!



1 creep. 2 bodyguards. 3 men who change Molly’s life forever.

Guitar player Molly Davis is taunted with disturbing gifts by some creep she hopes like heck is a harmless, misguided fan. The owner of the bar where her band plays isn’t taking any chances, however, and hires Gabe Cooper and Caleb “Ram” Ramsey to stand guard over Molly and the rest of the band.

Cooper is all business and doesn’t mess with Molly’s emotions. She can handle that. Ram is a different story. He’s gorgeous, has a good heart, and is sometimes infuriating. He doesn’t take Molly’s crap, giving him the potential to be the first man to shove his way through her stubbornness and into her life.

But a violent attack proves the creep isn’t going away. And that almost wrecks everything.


Crystal Firsdon is a former high school teacher turned stay-at-home mom turned part time substitute teacher and school volunteer. As often as possible she gathers the stories spinning continual loops in her head and twists and turns them every which way, eventually typing them into Times New Roman 12 point font.

Of course Crystal loves to read, but any book she picks up must have romance! A long and (usually) steady background in physical fitness means she will include exercise in all her heroines’ lives, though she admittedly finds it difficult to stay in shape while sitting behind a keyboard as often as she does. Crystal lives in Michigan with her husband and children.

Where to find Crystal…

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