Interview with Carol Preflatish

I’m happy to welcome author Carol Preflatish. Today, Carol chats about her creative journey and new release, Witch Hunt.

Here’s Carol!

Q. What was your inspiration for this novel?

A. One of my favorite series to read is the late Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone series. That was my inspiration for the Nathan Perry Mystery series.

Q. What’s the best part of being an author? The worst?

A. The best part is being able to create something that people like. It’s really a rush to do that. The worst part is all the work after the book is released. All the marketing there is to do. It would be great to be successful enough to just hire a publicist to handle all of that.

Q. Describe your writing space.

A. My desk is in the corner of my living room. When I first moved in, I was facing the wall when I wrote. That was a little too closed in for me. I turned the desk so I can now look out the window. I also really enjoy sitting on my couch with paper and pencil and write. If I get stuck with a scene, I can move to the couch and sometimes it helps me get my muse again.

Q. Which authors have inspired you?

A. I love Lisa Gardner. Her books are so good and I love seeing her photos of when she’s out hiking.

Q. Besides writing and reading, what are some of your hobbies?

A. I’m a huge photography nut, especially nature photography.

Q. What are you working on next?

A. My next Nathan Perry book will be a modern-day retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I’m about halfway through and I’m loving how it’s going.


Is it 1692 all over again? When a millionaire’s daughter is found hanging from a tree in the Mystic, Massachusetts cemetery, witchcraft is suspected. Police detective Nathan Perry is assigned the case and works closely with an attractive female private investigator hired by the father to find who murdered his daughter.

Mystic is known for its history of witchcraft in the area. It’s what brings tourists to town, and when another murder occurs, there is rising pressure on Nathan to solve the case quickly.
Nathan’s investigation pulls him into an unfamiliar world rife with covens, magic, and lore to find the killer. A small town gripped in fear is depending on him to prevail.

Witch Hunt is a stand-alone novel that is part of the Nathan Perry Mystery Series.


“Five-thirteen – Central Dispatch,” the female voice said over Hank’s hand-held radio.

Hank picked up the radio. “Dispatch – Five-thirteen. Go ahead.”

“Five-thirteen, can you and six-nineteen meet five-ten at Bridge Road at the cemetery just west of Water Street.”

“On our way,” Hank said into the radio. He looked at Nathan. “I wonder what that’s about?”

“I suppose we’ll find out when we get there, but I have a bad feeling about it,” Nathan said. The two officers stood. Nathan waved some money in the air to catch Ginger’s attention, and then placed it on the table. He took one more bite of his sandwich before leaving. Hank took half of his sandwich with him.

Bridge Road, located on the east side of town, started the rural part of Mystic. When they reached the street, they saw two Mystic Police Department patrol cars parked on the side of the road next to the cemetery, emergency lights flashing brightly.

“This can’t be good,” Nathan said. He and Hank walked up to the other officers standing by their cars.

“That uniform looks good on you, Detective. You should join us working boys more often,” Wally, the older of the two officers, said.

“You know I work much harder than you do any day of the week,” Nathan joked.

“That’ll be the day. No matter, I’m glad you’re here,” Wally replied, more serious now.

“What’s up?” Nathan asked.

“Take a look over the hill,” the younger officer said.

This was the oldest and largest cemetery in Mystic, having some historic gravestones in it. They walked through the oldest part to reach the top of a small knoll, where they stopped. Nathan looked toward the back part of the cemetery and saw it. About fifty yards away, a female body hanging from the tree.

“What the hell?” Nathan said.

“Exactly what I said. Come and see,” Wally said, leading the other two officers to the tree. “I thought it was a mannequin at first. I figured this fell under your job description, Nathan.”

“Yeah, I’m afraid it does.” They reached the tree. Nathan looked up at the body. She was young, with long black hair, and dressed in a white dress. “Anything been touched?”

“No, but I did photograph the tree and body from all sides before calling the coroner.”

“How did you find the body?” Nathan asked.

“It was a cell phone call. The dispatcher said the person didn’t identify themselves, just that something had happened out at the cemetery. With it being over the hill, we didn’t see it at first. You can’t see it from the road. Then, we walked over the hill and found her. You know, they say there’s a bunch of witches buried out here,” Wally said.

Nathan looked at Wally. “Is that true, or just a rumor?”

“It’s just something I’ve heard since I was a kid,” he replied.

“Let’s keep that to ourselves, okay?” That’s all that the public needed to think about, a witch being murdered at the cemetery.

“Yes, sir.”

Nathan heard cars stopping out on the highway. “Wally, could you check on the traffic? Your partner might need help, if word got out. I don’t want any civilians seeing this. Can you also call Mallory Duncan to come out here? She’ll need to collect evidence.”

“Yes, sir.” Wally walked back toward the road, leaving Nathan and Hank at the scene.

“What do you think?” Hank asked.

“I think we have a sick person running around here.”

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Author Bio and Links

Carol Preflatish, from southern Indiana, is the author of the Nathan Perry Mystery Series, as well as several romantic suspense novels, and two non-fiction books. When she’s not writing, she loves to read, watch Indianapolis Colts football, and do just about anything outdoors.

An avid photographer, Carol has had many photos published in her local newspaper, as well as in “Golf Journal,” the official publication of the United States Golf Association. A few little-known facts about Carol are that she’s a licensed amateur radio operator, and is a collector of celebrity autographs, stamps, and coins.

Carol is a member of Sisters in Crime, SinC’s Guppies chapter, and the Louisville, Kentucky SinC chapter.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads | Instagram | LinkedIn


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