Spotlight on A Hundred Lies

I’m happy to welcome Wild Rose Press author Jean M. Grant. Today, Jean shares her new release, A Hundred Lies, Book 3 in The Hundred Trilogy.


1322, Scotland

Rosalie Threston’s fortune-telling lies have caught up with her. Uprooted yet again, she’s on the run from a ruthless English noblewoman. She flees to Scotland and seeks refuge in the arms of a laird’s son who happens to be a real Seer.

A bloody past and inevitable future plague Domhnall Montgomerie. He avoids physical contact with others to ease the painful visions. When an accidental touch reveals only delight, he wonders if Rose is the key to silencing the Sight.

Mystical awakening unravels with each kiss. But can Domhnall embrace his gift in time to save her life, even it means exposing her lies?


He inhaled the fresh, earthy fragrance of impending rain. The crack of thunder sounded as droplets began to patter the ground in beat with his boots. He swam through the mugginess, each step determined, each step a liberation from the vapors of the vision. He made for the gardens, steadying his thoughts. Something didn’t feel right.

A commotion drew him to the rows farthest from the keep. Ewan waved frantically toward him. Ewan then crouched by a body, prostrate in the carved garden row.

Domhnall dashed to the scene. Others congregated.

A lass in a simple gown.

He jerked his head at the sight of her hands bound loosely with twine, and a sack over her head. “Sir Montgomerie! Thank the Lord. I came when I heard her scream and—” Ewan’s cheeks were splotched with red, his eyes wide and confused as he blinked away the rain dripping down the furrows in his forehead.

Domhnall dropped to the ground beside her and ripped the linen sack from her head. His stomach clenched. “Rose! Wake, lass. My God, Rose!”

“Sir, should I lift her?” Ewan knelt, ready for action.

What the hell?

Domhnall’s cowardice to touch people—to help people—shuddered through him with humiliation. Did they all think him an ignorant lout? Did they truly think he held himself higher than them because of his rank? No more. Let the visions take his soul.

He loosened the twine around her wrists and gathered her into his lap, lifting her up from the muddy ground. He was tired of being idle and looking like a haughty nobleman. Or worse, a dastard who could not face the devil. No more feeding fears.

“Sir, should I fetch a soldier, or watchman—” Ewan sputtered at Domhnall’s action. “I can help.”

“Get the healer. Send him to my bedchamber.” He wasn’t going to drag the poor lass to the servants’ quarters and cause a stir with the celebratory preparations. Cawley would lose his wits if Domhnall brought this extra quandary anywhere remotely close to the kitchen or hall.

“Aye, sir.” Ewan rose.

“No. No, wait. My mother. Get her, please. Send her, with some linens.”

A puzzled frown crinkled Ewan’s brow. “Sir?”

He released an impatient, heavy sigh.

Ewan bowed. “Aye.” He ran toward the keep.

Domhnall swiped tangled wet hair from Rosalie’s forehead. A large, red welt formed on the side of her face, along her cheek. Her skin was chilled. Yet…she felt divine. Smooth, vibrant, and ever silky. Energy prickled his fingertips. The wind rustled in an eddy. To hell with you, Wind. Release your wrath. I don’t care.
He felt for a pulse in her neck. Good.

He’d forgotten what others felt like. Her hands upon his last night had been the stepping-stone. A trickle of need coursed within him. It begged for more. He took a fingertip and gently touched her lips, hovered to assess breathing. He wanted to help her. Protect her. Be with her.

Sensation puddled within his soul like a spicy brewed cider ale on midwinter’s eve. He’d been cold for so long, fearing fire. Fearing touch. Heat melted his resolve.

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Jean’s background is in science and she draws from her interests in history, nature, and her family for inspiration. She writes historical and contemporary romances and women’s fiction. She also writes articles for family-oriented travel magazines. When she’s not writing or chasing after children, she enjoys tending to her flower gardens, hiking, and doing just about anything in the outdoors.

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