In Praise of Older Protagonists

In my late forties, I realized that I no longer enjoyed reading novels with twenty-something and thirty-something protagonists. It felt like poking into the heads and hearts of young women who could easily be former students. While searching for novels featuring an older crowd, I discovered several late-blooming authors (Maeve Binchy, Frank McCourt, Louise Penny) who had launched successful second acts. Inspired, I decided to populate my essays, stories, and novels with Boomer women and their older sisters.

At first, I wrote primarily for the non-fiction market but later gravitated toward cozy mysteries and paranormal romances. The protagonists in both series were fifty-something women facing transitions into unexpected second acts.

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2 responses to “In Praise of Older Protagonists

  1. You know, Joanne, Anna is right! My own protagonist is in her mid to late 30s, and as she ages, I find her easier to write. Same thing with movies. I LIKE seeing older actors instead of the bony, thin, perfect young actresses and too perfect men. Daniel Craig is a favorite.

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