10 Tips How to Choose a Good Book

I’m happy to welcome copywriter and content creator Emily Watts to the Power of 10 series. Today, Emily shares tips on selecting books to read.

Here’s Emily!

There’s nothing better than laying back on a sun lounger and reading a good book. But what’s the one book you should read? Mystery, thriller, suspense or romance book? To help you choose, we have rounded up the top tips to find great new books to read for your next vacation.

Tip 1: Questions

You can use ask the following questions to narrow your list of good books to read:

First of all, figure out what genre of book is your favourite: adventure, mystery, or realistic fiction. You can find other popular genres here.

Further, ask yourself, what are you looking for in a good book?

Tip 2: Recommendations

The sheer number of the books makes it hard to choose. But you can ask your friends, coaches, even people on the street, or small bookstores owners for recommendations. Simply start with the question: what’s one book that you absolutely loved and you think other people should read? Generally, you will get excellent recommendations.

Tip 3: Reviews

A book review should help you choose a good next book to read. First of all, you will probably read the bestseller reviews that most publications or monthly magazines recommend paying attention to. This way, you will check out what new books are popular and why. Though, some book reviews are simply created to promote authors, working as a massive ad and online disinformation campaign. So if you actually desire to get a bestseller, you need to know reliable sources.

Tip 4: Book-club

If you are a bookworm, you can join a club with like-minded people. It is a great option to experience unique format of discussions and find a motivation to read new books. You will easily meet new friends who enjoy the same genres as you, and they will recommend interesting books to read and discuss.

Tip 5: Reading list

After research, you can make a list where you highlight the priority books and, also, you can keep adding new items to it. This will help you to review:

What authors or books you’ve already read.

What works you actually want to read.

It’s an excellent way when you do not have much time to search for books you may like or when you don’t know how to choose a book.

Tip 6: e-Books

You can visit the Gutenburg.org or Gutenburg.ca services that offer tons of free electronic books to upload. As well, you can print the books or simply read them from laptop or iPad pro. Additionally, if you are a student, you can check a school/university libraries that could have its own electronic books sites. You can google reading lists and quickly find the best books to read in each category.

Tip 7: Bookstores and libraries

At the bookstore, you can also read some random books overviews and a few pages to clear up the quality of writing. Sometimes, book-store staff or library enthusiasts tend to help pick the correct book. You can start a talk with them to get right recommendations. They will help to choose a book, providing guidance on new and classic literature.

Tip 8: Amazon’s lists

The Amazon website provides the book lists that you can use to find interesting books. Where or how to start? You can check the Hot New Releases page and find popular categories. You will quickly determine the next book to buy and certainly make a long wish list of authors to read on Amazon.

Tip 9: Tools to use

There are plenty of online tools that can help you with your choice. You start with the What Should I Read Next tool. So, the service does what its name says: it offers you overviews and recommends books. This tool will tell you what to read based on what you finished like title or author.

Tip 10: Read Classics

The Penguin’s Classics collection is so impressive and can quickly help you stretch your bookshelves with numerous stories. You can also check the Selected Poems in Penguin Classics and read anything you like. If you love Austen and Fitzgerald, that’s a place to search, but you’ve got to be aware of what’s happening in publishing with the *living* authors.

Bio: Emily Watts

Hi! I’m Emily Watts. I’m a copywriter and content creator from Australia. I personally think a crucial sign of a great book if it passes the test of time. I usually check the books via online search and Amazon and put them in my Wish Lists or similar lists for some time before reading it. This way I can filter out many temporary impulses. When I apply this method, the quality of the books raises significantly. Additionally, I check the Amazon lists as it’s something I actually do on a regular basis. I made my Book folder with all bookmarks I found in my browser. It also includes all the books I wish to check. If you do not have much time and want to write a good book review or essay, you can check AustralianWritings.

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