In Praise of Fidgeting

I found the results of the following study intriguing:

The Mayo Clinic researchers equipped people with special clothing containing sensors that measured every calorie they burned by moving. They found that those little motions–scratching your head, getting up and stretching at commercial time, moving to another chair–make a huge difference. The “skinny” people tended to fidget away 350 calories a day more than the “overweight” people. That adds up to 35 pounds a year!

Some people are better at staying still while others cannot sit still. It may be difficult to change our unconscious tendencies, but we can change our environments and daily habits.

Consider the following “fidgety” tips:

• Take the stairs.
• Don’t waste time looking for the closest parking spot. Park, so you have to walk a short distance.
• Get up and stretch periodically while watching television.
• Don’t procrastinate. Whenever you think of a task that needs to be done, get up and do it.
• Keep dumbbells near your sofa, office, or reading area. Several times a day, stop and do a short routine to exercise your upper body.
• Walk during your lunch hour.
• Pace the sidelines at the children’s athletic games.
• Take a family walk after dinner.
• Walk briskly in the mall.
• Walk to a co-worker’s desk instead of sending an email.

BTW…Fidgeting is also known as “interindividual variation in posture allocation.”

Any other “fidgety” tips?

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