10 Fun Facts About the Hero and Heroine of Sleeping With Elvis

I’m thrilled to welcome Soul Mate author Beth Carter to the Power of 10 series. Today, Beth shares ten fun facts about the protagonists of her latest release, Sleeping With Elvis.

Here’s Beth!

Five fun Facts about my hero, Elvis impersonator Ty Townsend:

male sign1. Every year, Ty retreats to his favorite island, Key Lime Island, between his Elvis gigs in Branson and Vegas.

2. He rethinks his unique profession after trolls on social media berate him after twice forgetting the legend’s lyrics. But he’ll never stop performing. Besides, Ty enjoys paying homage to Elvis Presley and honors him during performances.

3. Ty has a hilarious African Grey parrot, Saylor, who curses like a, well, sailor. Saylor is a hoot and always knows the exact curse word for every situation.

4. When he performs, Ty practically morphs into a young version of the King with jet black hair, gyrating hips, and a lock of hair that constantly falls over his forehead like a sign from the King himself.

5. Ty never expected to meet a special woman during his beach downtime—especially one from Nowhere—but the stranded woman needs his help, and what’s a gorgeous guy with key lime pie all over his face to do?

Five Fun Facts about my heroine, Pepper Langley:

femalesign1. Pepper is from a tiny town in Nowhere, Arkansas, where she lives with her rogue boyfriend, Derek, in a shabby trailer. She hates her life and what her once-nice boyfriend has become.

2. Her confidence has taken a hit due to his nastiness and she decides she’ll end their relationship—right after their dream vacation to Key Lime Island. She scrimped all year to go on this trip and isn’t backing out now, even if that means having a cheating boyfriend in tow.

3. Pepper is afraid of boating and flying but most conquer both fears since the charming, lime-green themed tropical isle is only accessible by boat or the occasional helicopter.

4. Pepper and Derek board Reel Time, an excursion boat, with several other couples. There’s a horrific tropical storm and… You’ll just have to read it.

5. Once her feet hit the sand, Pepper is thrilled by the birds, shells, key lime everything—and is especially taken by the handsome stranger who looks oh-so-familiar. She knows she is meant to be on this island and never wants to return to her life with Derek in Nowhere but will this be the best—or worst—vacation of her life?

Sleeping With Elvis 10_Final_505 x 825 (2)


Pepper Langley, an unemployed pre-school teacher with a fear of flying and boating, hopes a vacation to remote Key Lime Island will bolster her confidence and salvage her relationship with her rogue boyfriend. From tiny Nowhere, Arkansas, she scrimped all year to afford the lavish trip, but a deadly storm changes everything.

Gorgeous Elvis impersonator Ty Townsend flees to Key Lime Island between gigs. During this hiatus, he reevaluates his profession after twice forgetting the King’s lyrics. He craves the isle’s solitude—far away from social media haters—where he shares beach life with a cursing parrot. The last thing on his mind is a woman, especially one who isn’t supposed to be there.

Will their secrets tear them apart or will they find happiness on the sand and stage?



bethcarterAward-winning novelist Beth Carter pens novels and children’s picture books. Her latest release is SLEEPING WITH ELVIS, a contemporary romance, with elements of suspense and humor. Her debut novel, THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS, won the 2015 RONE award for best “Women’s Fiction/Chick Lit Novel,” as well as “Best Debut Author” by BTS Books. Her novelette, SANTA BABY, appears in the 2015 Christmas anthology, SIZZLE IN THE SNOW, alongside eight romance authors’ stories.

Carter’s three picture books include: SANTA’S SECRET, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE? and THE MISSING KEY. Additionally, the author’s short stories and poems are published in four anthologies and four six-word memoir collections alongside famous authors and celebrities. A former bank vice president, Carter worked in marketing for 20 years in healthcare and banking. The author happily divides her time between her home state of Missouri and her adopted state of sunny Florida.

Where to find Beth…

Website | Facebook (Women’s Fiction) | Facebook (Children’s Books) | Twitter | Amazon


6 responses to “10 Fun Facts About the Hero and Heroine of Sleeping With Elvis

    • Thanks so much for your nice comment! I truly loved Elvis and am thrilled I figured out a fun way to keep his legend alive, plus adding romance, adventure, and humor to the mix.

  1. Thank you for hosting me, Joanne. Your website is beautiful and professional. You are a true pro in this profession. I greatly appreciate the support of fellow authors and hope everyone will consider SLEEPING WITH ELVIS! (I love saying that! 😉

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