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I’m thrilled to welcome Soul Mate author Tina Susedik to the Power of 10 series. Today, Tina chats about her favorite authors and books.

Here’s Tina!

tinapixLike most people who love reading, I have my favorites, although picking ten among the many was difficult. Once I find an author I like, I’ll get copies of every book they’ve written and read all of them until I’m done. This works out fine if the author no longer writes, but there are several that I’m way behind on. They keep writing, and I keep finding new authors to read. I’ve kept many of these authors’ books on my Keeper Shelves, but recently have had to thin them out, as I’m running out of room. And even though I love their books, I know I won’t re-read them because there are so many new authors to read.

Two of my all-time favorite and the first romance authors I read are Kathleen Woodiwiss and LaVyrle Spencer. Their books are ones I’ll never let go and have re-read many, many times. I’ve lent them to friends and fret the whole time that I’ll never get them back.

theflameThe first romance I ever read was “The Flame and the Flower” by Kathleen Woodiwiss. It was 1975 and I was pregnant with my first child. Out of the blue, my brother called me and told me I needed to read this book, that I would love it. As I was no longer working, I bought the book for an incredible price of $1.50, and stayed up all night reading it. My husband was out of town, so there was no one to interrupt. The next day I called my brother and asked him why on earth he was reading a romance. He said: “I was in the bathroom longer than I intended and the only thing to read was Peggy’s (his wife) book that had been on the floor. I couldn’t put the darn thing down.” I loved the mix of romance, mystery, and history. Out of his five sisters, I’m not sure why he chose me to tell to read Ms. Woodiwiss, but I’m glad he did. It started my love of reading romance.

bittersweetI’m not sure how I found LaVyrle Spencer, but I first read her books in 1988. There is something about her writing that is real. Her characters are ones I’d love to meet and become friends with. My favorite is Bitter Sweet, mainly because it’s set in northeastern Wisconsin. On a visit to Door County, I dragged my husband to the various places used in the book. He’s was great about listening to me rant: “Wow, this is the store where her father worked,” or “Here’s where her house is set.” This is one book I will suddenly find I have to read and read right now.

Jude Deveraux is another author whose books I love. I met her at the Romantic Times Convention three years ago. I was so excited, I’m afraid I acted like a crazed fan. I even told her that her books were on my keeper shelf. My favorite is “A Knight in Shining Armor.” There’s something about a hunky knight traveling into the future and falling in love with you.

Two authors that have been on my keeper shelves are Luanne Rice and Emilie Richards. Like LaVyrle Spencer her characters are real. They both write about families and the problems they can have. I couldn’t say which ones of theirs are my favorites, and even though I read most of their books, I know I need to catch up with both of them.

Of course on my list is Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series. My husband even reads them. I love a book where the characters make me laugh out loud. Right now I’m four books behind.


I enjoy reading mysteries, and two of my favorite authors are Ngaio Marsh and Lilian Jackson Braun. Marsh’s books are similar to Agatha Christie (whom I also like to read). Lilian Jackson Braun writes “The Cat Who. . .” mysteries. I love the character Jim Qwilleran, a down and out reporter who comes into a fortune. I devoured her books, one after the other. His two cats, Koko and Yum-Yum have a knack for helping him solve the mysteries. She wrote nearly until her death in 2011 at the age of 97, leaving her last book unfinished. Unfortunately, whoever finished the book made readers irate, including myself.

Carl Hiaasen is another author my husband and I enjoy. His humor and the way he twists plots keeps the reader on his toes. As an author myself, I often wonder how he comes up with the twists and turns and the crazy characters.


An author I recently found and enjoy is Tess Gerritsen. I hadn’t read any of her books until I registered for a Barbara Vey Reader’s Appreciation Luncheon where Ms. Gerritsen was the key-note speaker. I figured I should read at least one of her books, so I was familiar with what she wrote. One book turned to two, then three, then . . . I met her at the luncheon and had my picture taken with her. A very, very nice lady.


I know this is #11, but I can’t forget Nora Roberts. I’d been collecting her books for years. Read a few, but just kept collecting. At one point I had 157. In 2013 I decided my goal would be to read as many of her books as I could. I needed the shelf space. I read 91 of her books that year. I thought I was making progress, then my dear sweet husband, probably seeing how I was constantly reading her, gave me some Nora Roberts books for Christmas.

As time goes on, I’m sure I’ll add other authors to my favorite author list. I know I’ve read many new authors who could be added.


Tina Susedik can’t remember a time when she didn’t have stories floating around in her head. The last thing she thought she would ever do was write a book, let alone a history one. Six history books later, she was finally able to pursue her dream of being published in romance. Success came with “Riding for Love,” a romantic mystery. She plans on having many more books completed soon. In her spare time, Tina loves to read, hike, camp, bike, garden, take photographs and spend time with her five grandchildren.


riding-for-love-cover-2Eve Dayton, owner of a riding ranch, rose above her childhood past and overcame the emotional damage her boyfriend caused when he married another woman. When someone starts sabotaging her ranch, Eve is desperate to find the culprit before she loses everything. Is it a coincidence or is the return of Denton Johanson tied to the mystery?

Divorced Denton Johanson returns to his hometown to help convict the embezzling controller of the family business. When he runs into Eve, he realizes his feelings for her are still strong enough to try and win her back. His fear of horses won’t get in the way of his goal and decides the only way to be near her is to take riding lessons from her. Can he convince her that his love is real and he is not behind the mystery surrounding the ranch?

Eve Dayton’s former boyfriend returns to town just as problems start arising at her horse riding ranch. Can she believe his declaration to be part of her life again? Will she overcome the suspicion that he is part of the problem and accept his help in catching the culprits? Find out how Denton Johanson triumphs over his fears to win back her love.

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12 responses to “10 Favorite Authors

  1. The most beautiful thing about reading to me is finding books for my keeper shelves. We don’t share the same favorites (except Nora Roberts. I have four shelves double stacked of her books. Think I have them all. And I retread her for story and craft. )
    But there are so many kinds of romance storytellers and I love seeing our differences.
    Thank you.

  2. I’m a bad reader, because I rarely remember the author of the book, or even the title. I read so much sometimes that the books just slip through one after the other and I remember the story, but not much else. But since I got a Goodreads account several years ago, I’ve been better about paying attention, because I want to be able to put the ones I’ve read up there as I go. I have some recent favorites – Sandra Dallas, Sarah Addison Allen, and Brunonia Barry. I have some old favorites – I never met an Agatha Christie book I didn’t like, and my first romance novels were historicals by Johanna Lindsey.

    Obviously, not everything I read is romance, based on some of the authors above. I read quite a variety of things! I have read Woodiwiss and Spencer, and tried to read Nora Roberts but just don’t care for them. There’s just so much to read out there, I’ll never get through my potential reading list! I also never keep books. I give them away when I’m done with them, or leave a particularly good one on a park bench with a sticky note saying how good it is, or will put one in one of the many “Little Libraries” in my town for someone else to enjoy. I have not, in my whole life, had time to read a book twice!

    • I was at a conference when it was announced that she was retired from writing. There was dead silence, then moans and groans. One of my writer friends, Beth, lives near where Lavyrle lived in Minnesota. When she was having her sale prior to moving, Beth went to her house. She was able to buy the original manuscript for one of Lavyrle’s books. I can’t remember which one. When Beth brought it to our writer’s meeting, we passed i around, caressed it, smelled it, and mainly tried to get some of her writer’s essence in us. It was pretty cool.

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