Spotlight on Peter Darley

Whenever I attend readings, I enjoy listening to the author’s journey, the many twists and turns encountered on the winding road to publication. Sometimes, I find the journey even more fascinating than the actual reading. But in Soul Mate author Peter Darley’s case, the storyline and the journey are equally compelling.

Here’s Peter!

peterdarleyHold On! has a history steeped in as many cliffhangers as there are in the story. It first attracted the interest of a literary agent in Florida, who told me that it would take her five months to get to it, and that if I found a publisher in the meantime, just to let her know.

A few weeks later, a publisher in Michigan literally pleaded with me for it (I still have the email.) Having a ‘bird in the hand’, I let them have it.

Almost a year later, the publisher folded – a week before Hold On! was due to go to press. I immediately contacted the literary agent in Florida again, only to discover that she had now retired.

11879215_sA week later it was tentatively picked up by Writer’s Coffee Shop in Australia (the publishers who first published Fifty Shades of Grey.) We worked together on the project for four months, and then suddenly – silence. There had been no contention. No disagreements. No arguments. Nothing! They simply ignored all of my emails, and with no explanation.

Last October, it was snapped up by Soul Mate Publishing. Hold On! had finally ended its two year journey from Central England, to Florida, to Michigan, to Australia, to ultimately land in New York.

As to the novel, it is primarily a love story about two people who are on a quest to live their lives free, away from the trappings of convention and the oppression of authority figures. The police, a corrupt faction of the CIA, and the fact that our heroine, Belinda, was sexually abused as a child by a priest, combine to ask the questions: Is authority valid? And if so – who can possibly impose it?

It’s food for thought only, and the ‘threat’ premise is loosely based on the conspiracy theory – Was the US Government responsible for 9/11?

My own view is that such theories are utterly baseless, and have been refuted countless times. I am, emphatically, NOT a conspiracy theorist. This is why I feel that fiction is the most appropriate media for such ideas. However, they do provide opportunities for some terrific cliffhangers.

HoldOn!_850HIGH (2)


Peter Darley (P.D. to his friends) is a British novelist, whose professional history is in show business.

He is a graduate of the Birmingham School of Speech and Dramatic Art, and he studied television drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA.) His television credits include guest-starring roles is UK productions such as BBC’s Crime Ltd, Stanley’s Dragon for ITV, The Bill, and Sky One’s Dream Team, and numerous TV commercials. He has also worked as a model, presenter, and voice-over artiste for ten years, and has acted as an agent for several variety acts.

His lifelong admiration of heroes and love of roller-coaster-style thrills have been a huge influence on his writings.

He is a keen athlete and body builder, and lives with his partner in rural England.

Where to find Peter…

Facebook | YouTube

RELEASE DATE: July 9, 2014


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  1. Thank you soooooo much for your kind words, everyone. I’m getting really excited now. Hehehehe… 🙂

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