Connecting Purposefully and Passionately

Welcome to my Second Acts Series!

Today, we have Smiljana Orlic sharing the struggles and strong sense of commitment that shaped her life.

Here’s Smiljana!

smiljanaI have been an individual with many interests. The truth was not the fact that I could not focus but I saw much excitement and fulfillment in life. I have always been passionate and I have always followed my heart.

Hence, this made it difficult growing up and in a society where I was told it was not possible, I needed to figure out my one purpose, get a safe job or just told it can’t be so. This created doubt, lack of confidence and consistently being hard on myself. At the time, I closed down and found it easier to be “normal” and more “like” other people. This consistent battle within myself caused me much pain and robbed me of complete fulfillment.

After much experience in the corporate world, I was tired of chasing the power and fulfillment I sought. I no longer could divide myself in two between my Divine self and the Power I knew was within to the superficial power that comes when we look for the answers outside of ourselves. Hence, I created my own business that incorporated the strong spiritual principles inherit within me and I intertwined them with strong business strategies to help others build their dreams. I have a process that I take individuals through and together we create systems that they can walk away with and incorporate to get the goals they desire in their business and/or lives. I love sharing the true ‘secret sauce’ of life, connecting them with their passions, empowering others and seeing them succeed in living their unlimited potential of themselves!

The advice I would share to professionals alike is not to ignore the voice of your spiritual soul, your uniqueness or your passions, as they are the nuggets that will lead you to building and creating a life of purpose. There is always a way without compromising your true authentic nature.

Success to me can be measured in many ways, beyond living the life I desire, living in the state of flow and having the things that make me happy, I rate my success on how many others I can help bring passion back in their lives and in their businesses. Seeing them truly free themselves in becoming all they can be and deserving of the business and life they desire brings a great smile to my face. Living a life that is thriving and not just surviving is what truly invigorates my core being and purpose!


Where to find Smiljana…

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Joanne here!

Smiljana, Thank you for sharing your journey and insights. You are an excellent role model for your clients. Best of luck with all your future endeavours.


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