Movie Review: Robot and Frank

The robot or the memory centre.

Retired cat burglar (Frank Lagella) can no longer hide his forgetfulness. So, he grudgingly accepts the humanoid robot provided by his son (James Marsden). After a short period of adjustment, Frank starts appreciating the calm, infinitely patient helper who cooks healthy meals, cleans his house and accompanies him to his favorite haunts.

Frank becomes even more animated when he discovers that the robot’s skill set also includes petty theft. Ignoring the robot’s suggestions to take up gardening or hiking, Frank plans several heists and makes the robot his partner in crime.

The supporting cast includes Liv Tyler (Frank’s free-spirited daughter) and Susan Sarandon who plays the librarian with a soft spot for the aging septuagenarian.

Set in the near future, Frank and Robot provides us with glimpses of sleeker telephones and cars along with technocrats intent on replacing books with digital archives. Unfortunately, there’s still no cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.


2 responses to “Movie Review: Robot and Frank

  1. I really enjoyed this movie and was one of my top ten from 2012. It was just really interesting to was the relationship between Frank and the robot develop as well as improve Frank’s condition.

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