Oprah and Panache Desai


It’s always exciting when Oprah introduces a new spiritual leader to the world. On yesterday’s Super Soul Sunday, I could feel her excitement throughout the hour-long telecast with Panache Desai.

Born and raised in London, Panache possessed, from an early age,  an innate kindness and love that allowed him to connect with others on a spiritual level. During his final year at university, he left his life behind and went on a six month intense retreat. Afterward, he decided to move to the United States and connect with other spiritual teachers and leaders.

In 2003, he had a profound and life-changing experience that allowed him to see the infinite potential in everyone. Along with this experience, he acquired an ability to help people move through negative emotions and realize that infinite potential.

He does not consider himself a guru but an “old friend” sent to remind us of how brilliant and magnificent we really are. He urges us to change our energy instead of changing our thoughts, keeping in mind that we attract people with the same energy. We will encounter problems when we are not true to ourselves and move away from our soul signatures.

When asked about handling difficulties, he advises us to recognize that what is happening is not punishment but opportunity. When we embrace and accept the difficulty, it is a pivotal moment in our development.

Articulate and engaging throughout the interview, he was surprisingly silent when asked to define God. Later, he admitted that there is no definition of God.

Quotable Quotes…

We’re not broken. We don’t need fixing.

Emotions are energies in motion.

We have judged ourselves out of our magnificence.

We can only ever be who we are and, at some point, that has to be good enough.

It’s all dairy. It’s just different flavors of ice cream.

Our humanity is the doorway to the divine.

Life is happening for us not to us.


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