Oprah and Nate Berkus


Yesterday, Nate Berkus sat down with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday to share intimate stories about the experiences that have transformed him.

He found his acorn within the oak at the age of thirteen. Getting his own room was definitely a milestone for the sensitive young man who cared about how things looked and felt. Having grown up around design and following his mother to auctions, estate and garage sales on the weekend, Nate appreciated  life in all its layers, textures and light.

While he was fortunate to have a loving and supportive family, he did not come out until his university years. Nate admitted to developing a skill set that made him dishonest and spending most of his adult life trying to get rid of it.

I was impressed and moved by how his step-father handled the situation. After discovering a letter from Nate’s lover, his step-father waited three months before having the conversation with Nate. He wanted his step-son to know that it didn’t matter and he wouldn’t be treated any differently. An excellent example of putting spiritual philosophy into spiritual action.

Nate also shared the lessons he learned from his talk show. While it was the opportunity of a lifetime, Nate realized during the second week of production that a daily program was not a good fit. Throughout the two-year run, he felt overwhelmed and exhausted. When Oprah pressed further, he admitted that ego and money factored into his original desire to have a talk show. Grateful for the experience, he now knows that he needs space and time around his decisions.

Quotable Quotes…

Everyone has the acorn within the oak that is you. (Oprah)

When you confide in your beloveds, give them the space to grieve the dreams they had for you.

If you’re not willing to stand up for who you are, then everything else does not matter.

I want your personality to come through in another language. (Cheryl Storm—French teacher)

If you cannot be authentic and true to yourself, it is hard to function.

I needed the freedom to create and design my own timeline.

Stop and take a beat before you acquire.


2 responses to “Oprah and Nate Berkus

  1. I love all these quotable quotes, Joanne. We need wonderful little gems like these to remind us to honor ourselves as much as we would anyone else. Thank you for sharing this insightful information.

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