Movie Review: The Guilt Trip

A long-time fan of Barbra Streisand, I look forward to all her movies.

In her latest, The Guilt Trip, seventy-year-old Streisand plays a convincing fifty-something Joyce Brewster, the perpetually nagging mother of struggling inventor Andy (Seth Rogen).

After hearing his mother’s confession about a lost love, Andy impulsively invites her to accompany him on his cross-country sales trip. Throughout the trip, Joyce continues to smother and baby Andy as they deal with inclement weather, cheap hotels, a strip club, gambling at a Vegas casino, hitchhikers and a provocative book-on-disc. In between, Andy makes a series of awkward pitches to companies. My favorite scene involved Joyce scarfing down an enormous steak (size of a small poodle according to Andy) at a Texas eatery and attracting the attention of a handsome cowboy.

While I had hoped for more humor, I did enjoy Barbra Streisand’s performance in this short, 96-minute film. She still has that flair for comedic acting and she looks amazing, even in close-up.


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