Oprah and the Next Generation

On yesterday’s Super Soul Sunday, Oprah featured three up-and-coming thought leaders: Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp and Marie Forleo.

I was impressed by their voices and platforms.

At age 32, Gabrielle is a life coach, speaker, and best-selling author of Spirit Junkie. She reaches thousands of listeners with her weekly show on Hay House Radio. Open and psychically aware as a child, Gabrielle had an existential crisis at age sixteen. After her mother taught her how to meditate, she experienced shifts in her being and felt as sense of peace. For ten years, she traveled in the wrong direction, but found her way back at age twenty-five.

Thirty-year-old Mastin is the founder of The Daily Love, a newsletter, website and twitter feed. Considered the fasted growing inspirational site on the web, his followers increased from 1000 to 10,000 in one week after Kim Kardashian tweeted one of his posts. In his mid twenties, he experienced a divine storm that served as a wake-up call.

As author, speaker, life coach and entrepreneur, thirty-six-year-old Marie has empowered thousands of women around the world.  If Oprah, Tony Robbins, Jay-Z and Richard Branson had a child, Marie claims she would be that child.

Having unlocked the door to spirituality at such young ages, they are more than willing to share their experiences and help others awaken. When Oprah asked them to give three steps that anyone could follow, they came up with the following:

From Gabrielle…

1. Be willing to see things differently. When this happen, books start falling off the shelf and the right people appear in your life.

2. Pay attention to the opportunities, teachers and assignments that come your way.

3. Show up for these assignments

From Mastin…

1. Pay attention to the moments when you feel bliss.

2. Take action in that direction.

3. Trust as you step: something will arrive to support you.

From Marie…

1. Start with gratitude for everything you have in your life. When you are grateful, you change at the cellular level.

2. Be present to everything in your environment.

3. Bring passion to everything that you do.

Quotable Quotes…

Everyone has a God-size hole inside that they try to fill with food, shopping, drugs and other addictions. (Mastin Kipp)

Gratitude is a life saver whenever I feel frustrated or annoyed. (Marie Forleo)

We are not mystics in a monastery; we are mystics in the Western World. We must be able to monetize our gifts and skills. (Mastin Kipp)

We are compensated financially to the degree that we add value to the world. (Mastin Kipp)

Everyone is entitled to miracles. Miracles occur naturally and when they don’t, something has gone wrong. (Gabrielle Bernstein)


2 responses to “Oprah and the Next Generation

  1. The quotable quote listed above: “Everyone is entitled to miracles. Miracles occur naturally and when they don’t, something has gone wrong.” was said by Gabrielle Bernstein, not Marie Forleo.

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