Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant–Part II

In yesterday’s Super Soul Sunday, Iyanla Vanzant shared the most profound moments of her spiritual journey. We hear about her suicide attempt  at age 21 and the devastating loss of her daughter, Gemmia. While Iyanla may have crashed down, she didn’t stumble. Instead, she discovered that the quicker she got “It aint’ about me,” the less she suffered.

Iyanla’s daily spiritual practice involves reading her bible and listening to music. She stressed the fact that she does not pray to an external God. To Iyanla, prayer is intimate heartfelt conversation with BOO, her internal God. She shared three personal prayers that cover every circumstance:


Help me now!

Thank you.

Interesting facts about Iyanla…

1. She went to law school to train her mind. While there, she learned how to think and build an argument.

2. The name Iyanla means mother. It was given to her by her godfather.

3. She is most at home and at peace when she is braless in bed watching reruns of Law and Order.

What does she know for sure…God loves me and I didn’t do anything wrong.


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