10 Interesting Facts About Chief Chandra Taylor

I’m thrilled to welcome author Marilyn Meredith to the Power of 10 series. Today, Marilyn provides insight into Chief Chandra Taylor, an important character in her new release, A Crushing Death.

Here’s Marilyn!

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1. Chandra Taylor is fairly new to the Rocky Bluff P.D. series, as she replaced the retiring chief.

2. Besides being a female she is also African American.

3. Though she’s had several serious relationships, she’s never been married. Chances of her finding someone interesting in Rocky Bluff are slim.

4. She came from the San Francisco police department and is suffering a bit of culture shock in the small beach community of Rocky Bluff.

5. She tried not to make too many changes right away, but there were a few that had to be made.

6. She immediately became friends with the two female police officers, a bit slower with the male officers who are more resistive to the change in command.

7. She took over the job of public information officer from Ryan Strickland—causing a crisis for him.

8. It didn’t take her long to figure out the various relationships of her officers, especially the romance between Officer Gordon Butler and Lizette Gibbs.

9. Her past comes to Rocky Bluff to haunt her in the form of someone she once arrested and is now threatening her life.

10. Reluctantly, she must accept protection from the members of her police department.

A Crushing Death Final (2)


A pile of rocks is found on a dead body beneath the condemned pier, a teacher is accused of molesting a student, the new police chief is threatened by someone she once arrested for attacking women, and Detective Milligan’s teenage daughter is has a big problem.



F. M. Meredith who is also known as Marilyn Meredith is nearing the number of 40 published books. Besides being an author she is a wife, mother , grandma and great-grandmother. Though the Rocky Bluff she writes about is fictional, she lived for over twenty-years in a similar small beach town. Besides having many law enforcement officers in her family she is counts many as friends. She teaches writing, loves to give presentations to writing and other groups, and is a member of Mystery Writers of America, three chapters of Sisters in Crime and on the board of Public Safety Writers Association.

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In 25 Words or Less…

13857160_sAfter completing my novel, I attended a number of workshops where the facilitators stressed the importance of a hook or logline.

What is a hook/logline?

Very simply, it is a concise sentence that answers the question: What is your novel about? An effective logline provides enough interest to prolong the conversation with a prospective agent or publisher, encourages readers to pick up the book, and creates tweetable buzz.

At first, I found it a daunting task. How could I possibly condense 69,000 words into 25 words or less?

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Visiting Marilyn Meredith

11838450_sWhile sitting in Grade 13 English class, I dreamed of writing the great Canadian novel. But when university application time approached, I gave in to my practical Italian side and obtained degrees in mathematics and education. I planned to teach during the day and spend my evenings, weekends and holidays churning out best-selling novels.

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