Oprah and Adyashanti


Yesterday, Oprah welcomed best-selling author and spiritual teacher Adyashanti to Super Soul Sunday.

Born Steven Gray in 1962, Adyashanti developed an interest in awakening and spiritual enlightenment at age 19. Subsequently, he built a meditation hut in his parents’ backyard and began his study of Zen. In his mid-twenties, he experienced a series of transformative spiritual awakenings that he described as “difficult emotional experiences he would not wish on his worst enemy.”

He came to realize that his spirituality could not be labelled and, in 1997, changed his name to Adyashanti, a Sanskrit word meaning “primordial peace.” His influence grew and he released several books that achieved best-seller status, among them Falling Into Grace and Resurrecting Jesus, the focus of yesterday’s telecast.

When asked about falling into grace, Adyashanti reminds us we cannot make these moments happen. All we can do is prepare the soil and make ourselves ready. If we are dealing with difficult experiences, Adyashanti advises us to be unconditionally open and take responsibility for what has happened in the past. And he asks us to consider the following questions:

Since the past isn’t here now, how am I keeping it alive?

What is the energy of my family of origin? Can I sense it in myself?

His advice regarding that heavy and sticky negative energy…Bless the energy and forgive it. Wish it its own freedom.

In Resurrecting Jesus, Adyashanti writes about the revolutionary Jesus who delivered pointed critiques of the religious and power structures of his day.

Quotable Quotes…

Beneath our personality lies who we truly are–our Presence.

When we realize we are not our thoughts, we awaken.

Eternity knows no history.

All negative energy is looking for resolution.

The #1 purpose of religion is to help connect people to the radiance of spirit.

The soul is our living presence, our shared living presence.That’s where we connect.

A true prayer is when we open up and say this is what I am willing to give.

Surrender to what is happening in the present moment.

The keys to your happiness are not in someone else’s pocket.