Anxiety Antidotes for Writers

stopworryingFor many writers, worry is a habit. Our minds whirl as we over-analyze and over-think each situation.

Is the manuscript good enough?

Why isn’t the agent or publisher responding to my query?

What if my sales numbers are dismal?

What if I get more negative reviews than positive ones?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and/or blocked as we ruminate about past events or worry about the future. To improve the quality of our lives, we need to find and implement appropriate anxiety antidotes.

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A New Beginning

While I have blogged before, this is my first website. I am grateful to John Agress, my instructor at ed2go, for his well-structured lessons and encouragement throughout the course. I enjoyed creating this hybrid site and experimenting  with WordPress.

In this blog, I intend to write (and rant) about my writing journey, recent books and movies, and the many winding roads of my retirement.

I welcome all your comments, especially those from other writers and retirees.