Tabletop Tradeshow in Guelph

Yesterday, I proudly represented GWIN (Guelph Women in Networking) at the annual Guelph Chamber of Commerce Tabletop Tradeshow held at the Cutten Club. Over eighty local businesses set up booths in the Trophy and Commonwealth Rooms. There was a tremendous amount of positive energy generated as vendors and visitors chatted and networked.

While  I didn’t get around to all the booths, I was able to get an excellent feel for the Guelph business community. I was  impressed by Regina Scott and  the Big Wish Marketing Group display. We chatted briefly about the advertising campaign for my upcoming novel.

I’m looking forward to the Regional Tabletop Tradeshow at Bingeman’s in the fall.






Inspired by Sue Johnston

suejFacts tell—stories sell.

That’s only one of the many nuggets delivered by Communication Coach Sue Johnston at yesterday’s GWIN (Guelph Women in Networking) meeting.

During a lively interactive session, she guided us through the Three Ps—Purpose, People, Point—needed to craft an effective and memorable 60-second introduction. Working through her double-sided handout, I quickly discovered several holes in my own pitch for Between Land and Sea. While I wasn’t ready to share my personal introduction, I was impressed by the women who stood up and spoke eloquently and passionately about their businesses.

Throughout the presentation, Sue stressed the following points:

Keep it simple—three points maximum.

Make it about the audience.

Invite action and make it easy for the audience to take it.

A seasoned speaker, Sue Johnston delights in helping people find their voices and tell their stories.

Quotable Quote…

Men will want to hear a story if you use a metaphor they will understand.