Inspired by Sue Johnston

suejFacts tell—stories sell.

That’s only one of the many nuggets delivered by Communication Coach Sue Johnston at yesterday’s GWIN (Guelph Women in Networking) meeting.

During a lively interactive session, she guided us through the Three Ps—Purpose, People, Point—needed to craft an effective and memorable 60-second introduction. Working through her double-sided handout, I quickly discovered several holes in my own pitch for Between Land and Sea. While I wasn’t ready to share my personal introduction, I was impressed by the women who stood up and spoke eloquently and passionately about their businesses.

Throughout the presentation, Sue stressed the following points:

Keep it simple—three points maximum.

Make it about the audience.

Invite action and make it easy for the audience to take it.

A seasoned speaker, Sue Johnston delights in helping people find their voices and tell their stories.

Quotable Quote…

Men will want to hear a story if you use a metaphor they will understand.


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