To Remember During the Bad Days

On Wednesdays, I share posts, fables, songs, poems, quotations, TEDx Talks, cartoons, and books that have inspired and motivated me on my writing journey. I hope these posts will give writers, artists, and other creatives a mid-week boost.

In The Comfort Book, bestselling author Matt Haig shares little parcels of hope. Here’s an inspiring passage I like to read on challenging days:

It won’t last.

You have felt other things. You will feel other things again.

Emotions are like weather. They change and shift. Clouds can seem as still as stone. We look at them and hardly notice a change at all. And yet they always move.

The worst part of any experience is the part where you feel like you can’t take it anymore. So, if you feel like you can’t take it anymore, the chances are you are already at the worst point. The only feelings you have left to experience are better than this one.

You are still here. And that is everything.

Source: The Comfort Book, p. 28.


One response to “To Remember During the Bad Days

  1. “Your experiences don’t have to be this way.”
    I like to say, “the only guarantee in life is that it will change”.
    I like the idea that when you feel like you can’t take any more is when you’re at the bottom and the only way left is up.

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