Stay Consistent

On Wednesdays, I share posts, fables, songs, poems, quotations, TEDx Talks, cartoons, and books that have inspired and motivated me on my writing journey. I hope these posts will give writers, artists, and other creatives a mid-week boost.

A long-time fan of bestselling authors and coaches Marc and Angel Chernoff, I look forward to reading their emails and blog posts. Here’s an excerpt from a recent email:

Even when you’ve had a rough day. Even when you didn’t get much sleep last night. Everyone has tough days. Why do some people suck it and smile, while others feel the need the broadcast their pain and despair? This kind of inconsistency isn’t only harmful for the people who interact with the individual. It’s very harmful for the individual herself/himself.

Inconsistency is destructive, and you will find it leads down many different roads that you don’t want to go down. It can lead to a feeling of victimhood, it can lead to broken relationships, and it can lead to a feeling of being out of control, tossed by the waves of chance and life, really not making your own decisions. But when you start choosing your behavior, when you start intentionally being consistent, you’ll find your outlook on life changing.

Note: I highly recommend subscribing to Marc & Angel’s website.


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