Shortlisted for Guelph’s Official Bird

A Brief Recap

In February, the City of Guelph began the application process for the Bird Friendly City designation. To date, only four cities in Canada—Vancouver, London, Toronto, Calgary—have been designated a Bird Friendly City by Nature Canada.

The City of Guelph staff teamed up with experts from two local groups— Bird Safe Guelph and Nature Guelph Bird Wing—to produce a list of eight birds that represent Guelph. The first round of voting ended Friday, April 1st.

The following birds have been shortlisted for the title of Guelph’s official bird:

Chimney Swift | Black-Capped Chickadee | Green Heron

It is now time to vote for the final candidate and help Guelph achieve the coveted Bird Friendly City designation.

Vote here before Friday, April 22.


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