Help Make Guelph a Bird Friendly City

Plans are in the works to make Guelph a Bird Friendly City!

A bit of backstory…

There are three billion fewer birds in North America today than fifty years ago. Many of these losses have been caused by domestic cats, window and car collisions, and habitat loss.

Nature groups, municipal officials, and community groups are teaming up with Nature Canada to make our urban environments safer havens for birds.

A certification standard has been developed to certify cities as a “Bird Friendly City.” Certification is a badge of honor and a source of community pride. It helps raise awareness about local birds and inspires residents to take simple protective actions.

Nature Canada’s Goal for 2022: Certify at least thirty eligible Canadian cities as a Bird Friendly City by World Migratory Bird Day (Saturday, May 14, 2022).

To date, only four cities in Canada—Vancouver, London, Toronto, Calgary—have been designated a Bird Friendly City by Nature Canada.

Locally in Guelph…

City of Guelph staff teamed up with experts from two local groups—Bird Safe Guelph and Nature Guelph Bird Wing—to produce a list of eight birds that represent Guelph.

Residents are asked to vote for their favorite bird by Friday, March 11.

The three birds with the most votes will move to a second round of voting on Friday, April 1. The bird with the most votes by Friday, April 22 will become Guelph’s official bird for the Bird Friendly City designation. In the event of a tie, Bird Safe Canada will choose the winning bird.

Visit to place your vote. Take the survey or upload a photo to indicate which bird should represent Guelph.

Here are the birds (in alpha order)

Belted Kingfisher | Black-Capped Chickadee | Chimney Swift |
Common Merganser | Eastern Screech Owl | Green Heron | Peregrine Falcon | Pileated Woodpecker


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