Virtual Book Tour: On the Edge

I’m happy to welcome author and clothing designer Claire Gillies. Today, Claire shares ten of her favourite movies and her new release, On the Edge.

Joanne, I would like to thank you for hosting my latest novel On The Edge on your wonderful blog! I thought it might be fun to delve into my 10 favourite movies. These may give you an idea of my taste and what I like to write about…

Little Women – 1995 version

This is a film I will go back to every year for my Christmas feel good vibes. I adore the soundtrack (which I still listen to when working through my daily mundane tasks, and transports me to a different time). I just want to crawl into this movie. It makes me cry with happiness, and the ending! That ending is the best romantic scene ever.

Darjeeling Ltd

My favourite Wes Anderson! This truly is a beautiful story of three brothers who meet in India to renew their connection after their father dies, and set out on a train ride across the country. The family dynamics between the brothers is interesting to me as I can relate (being the youngest from a family of five) I love the quirkiness of Wes Anderson, and this one pulls my heart strings.

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

I’m a fan of Kate Winslet, and I watch her acting in awe, particularly in this movie. I adored all the many different colours of her hair throughout, but her hair was used as an anchor to the story so we could understand the time frame, as it darts about. When this movie came out, coincidentally I also had bright red hair! I love their unique love story.

Howl’s Moving Castle

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation company and they make the most magical movies. It took me a bit of time to decide which is my favourite, as there are so many – “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “Spirited Away” to name a couple. I love how the stories usually revolve around a young girl – I find them inspiring and encouraging role models for kids.


This is a classic. A Scotsman cast as an Egyptian…a French man cast as a Scot! It’s fun, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, but then you get hit in the heart when you least expect it. The Queen soundtrack weaving throughout this movie adds to the magic. I also get nostalgia as it was filmed where I’m from; when Connor Macleod declares he is from the past and where he was born…I’m like – me too!

Local Hero

Another Scottish one, this movie I can watch forever. Just one of those perfect, cute, cuddle up on the couch and escape into a simple world. This was also filmed in my local area in Scotland. I adore the soundtrack that echoes throughout. It captures a feeling I can’t put into words; the long summer nights, the solitude and being so close with nature. I found the ceilidh (dance) scene is very authentic as I’ve been to oh so many in my time.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Pure escape! Don’t we all wish we could just get up and go? If any film is about someone leaving their humdrum life to travel somewhere out of their comfort zone, then I’m there! I particularly love the Himalayas in Afghanistan scene, which makes me reminisce of the time I trekked in Nepal. Also, Iceland features in it…somewhere that has been on my bucket list for years! This captures the freedom of travelling for me.

Gone With the Wind

This appeals to my costume background. The costume is spectacular, I was lucky enough to see a few of Scarlet’s outfits in a museum…she was incredibly petite! The love story is so frustrating though, I could never under why Scarlet never opens her heart to Rhett until it’s too late. But what an event to watch, a feast for the eyes.

Lord of the Rings (trilogy!)

I’m being cheeky and placing all three adaptions into this one entry! I feel I grew up with hobbits and elves keeping me company during lonely teenage years. The first Fellowship Of The Ring came out when I was in high school, then the final movie released when I was in college. I have watched these so many times, I’m a huge fan of fantasy – Tolkien created such a rich world.

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

This was difficult to select only one Jane Austin. I adore her work and I LOVE costume dramas. This adaption I enjoyed, but I didn’t give it the credit it was due for many years as I was very much a fan of the BBC version. Having said that, I would watch any adaption of Pride and Prejudice, there will NEVER be too many. Jane Austin is in my heart and so is Elizabeth Bennet


Catherine MacGregor spends life daydreaming her way out of the perils of a dead-end job, and a dwindling love-life. Rather than face imminent redundancy, Cat finds herself giving up her life in the city, and moving to a remote Scottish island for a fresh start.

Unlocking her passion for art, things have never looked better, until the handsome but elusive musician Patrick Flannagan takes to the stage, complicating her best-laid plans.

Cat’s past could be catching up with her at last. Can she unlock her own secrets, and learn to love again, in time to save her brave new beginnings?


“Hey, just because I don’t go around snogging boys! I’ve only recently split up with my long-term boyfriend!”

“That was two months ago!” Jess cried,

“I know – that’s recent!”

“No it’s not! It’s not like you’ve been left a widow and loved your husband ’til the end; you told me you’d fallen out of love with Dave a long time before you left. What are you waiting for?” Jess looked wide-eyed.

Cat chewed the inside of her mouth and looked down, unable to meet Jess’s gaze. “I don’t know”.

Just then the phone beeped, making the two girls jump.

“It’s fine, whatever the outcome” Cat assured herself loudly.

Jess pressed buttons on her phone, and silently read for what seemed to Cat an eternity.

“You are good to go my friend!” Jess wiggled on the bed and held her phone up to Jess to read “Single!”

The two girls whooped and bounced on the bed.

“You read that for a long time. Jeez, I can’t believe how much I wanted him to be single!” Cat screeched, then quickly covered her mouth in surprise and embarrassment.

“Well, the lovely Kate said he was with a girl for a few years. She was local, but she’s now living in Australia. They split up, not sure why.” Jess re-read the message aloud, and they both settled down on the bed.

“What now?” Cat grinned at her friend.

“Bacon and eggs?” Jess pleaded with big blue eyes.

“I’ll get my purse,” Cat smiled and for the first time in a long while, thought that life couldn’t get any better.

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Author Bio and Links

Born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland, Claire’s homeland continues to be a stream of inspiration for her. A clothing designer too, Claire (Lorna) creates one-off bespoke garments using Scottish tweeds and tartans.

Claire currently splits her time between Scotland and Australia with her lovely Irish husband. She is a cat lover (without the cat) and can be found either drinking coffee, researching the best cake haunts, or watching yet another costume drama!

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Claire Gillies will be awarding a signed copy of the book. (International) to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour. Find out more here

Follow Claire on the rest of her Goddess Fish tour here.


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