At the Two of a Kind Craft Vendor Show

For the second year in row, the Multiple Sclerosis Society has held five different craft vendor shows throughout communities in Ontario. I was happy to discover that the Belgian Nursery in Breslau, a short twenty-minute drive west of Guelph, was hosting one of these shows today.

When I visited in early afternoon, I struggled to find a parking spot in the overcrowded lot. One of the artisans informed me that the opening crowd at 10:00 a.m. had been simply overwhelming.

Once inside the large meeting room, I was impressed by the quality and diversity of the products featured by over eighty vendors. In addition to the “usual” holiday fare—tree decorations, knitted and crocheted items, bath products, jewelry, cards, paintings—several unique items caught my attention. I was intrigued by the beaded flatware, wine purses, and ornamental rock wildlife.

Anyone living near London, Ontario, can visit the final craft vendor show on Saturday, November 17. Find out more here.

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