Movie Review: A Star is Born

So much to love in this beautifully crafted movie that transcends the label of “remake.”

Bradley Cooper took a risk when he decided to launch his directorial debut with the fourth version of a classic. And equally (if not more) impressive…he delivers an Oscar-worthy performance as battered rock star Jackson Maine. Cooper spent years preparing for the film, including many months of learning how to sing and play the guitar.

In a recent interview, Lady Gaga said: “I honestly believe that there’s no other actor on the planet that could have played this role. It’s too specific, and it’s too passion-driven….his voice when I first heard it, just came from his gut.”

Persuading Lady Gaga to take on the role of Ally, an aspiring singer who is ready to give up on her dream, was an inspired decision. Gaga sizzles in her first major movie role, bringing her extraordinary talents to a film slated to dominate the upcoming award season.

With eyes riveted to the screen, I watched as Jackson and Ally connect romantically and musically in this dramatic tale of love and ambition. After listening to Ally’s spell-binding rendition of “La Vie en Rose” in a drag queen nightclub, Jackson sets out to mentor her onscreen and in real life. Ally’s rise to fame begins when Jackson coaxes her onto the stage at one of his shows. Hearing Ally sing “Shallow” was one of the most moving moments of the film.

As Ally’s star rises, Jackson’s career starts to spiral downward. In spite of having seen two of the previous versions, I was still able to remain emotionally present with the storyline.

Sam Elliott and Andrew Dice Clay deliver outstanding performances as Jackson’s half-brother and Ally’s smothering father. Fancying himself an undiscovered Frank Sinatra, Clay sprinkles humor and advice (“It’s not always the best singer who makes it”) into his scenes with Ally.

A must-see film that will linger in consciousness!

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