Another Sneak Peek…

It’s official – The Wild Rose Press will release A Different Kind of Reunion on Monday, April 23, 2018. In the meantime, I will provide sneak peaks on several days leading up to the release.

In today’s excerpt, protagonist Gilda Greco meets two of her former students on the first evening of the reunion.


I recognized Jake from his Facebook picture. As soon as he saw me, his smile widened, and he rushed forward to hug me. “Gilda! Is it possible you have de-aged? You look even lovelier than you did twenty years ago.”

What a charmer! In spite of myself, I smiled and gave him the once-over. Every hair in place and signs of a summer tan lingering. His blue eyes sparkled and crinkled a bit, but the final effect was a flattering one. Bradley Cooper came to mind. Jake Coburn would age well, of that I was certain.

I turned my attention to Adam who was standing behind his twin brother, waiting patiently for his turn. I tried not to show my shock as I took in the receding hairline and crow’s feet that had taken permanent residence around Adam’s eyes, still beautiful in color but there were tinges of sadness and suffering. He also appeared puffier in his face and overall body frame. While Jake could pass for late twenties, I would put Adam’s outer age well into the forties. Life had not been kind to Adam Coburn.

I hugged Adam and held him close. I hoped we would have time for a long chat. I wanted to find out more about his past suffering and try to help him. From what Cassandra had said, I gathered Adam had lived elsewhere for a while. What had gone wrong? And why had he returned to Parry Sound?

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