Spotlight on Linda Tillis

I”m happy to welcome Wild Rose Press author Linda Tillis. Today, Linda shares her intriguing writing journey and latest release, A Heart for All Time.

Here’s Linda!

Many thanks to Joanne for hosting me today! My writing journey has been short, but I hope to continue to write for many years to come.

It never crossed my mind that one day I might become a published author. I’ve held three jobs in my life. I worked in a sewing factory for eighteen years, and then I went to work for the local police department. I started as a dispatcher, then applied for the position of non-sworn Crime Scene Investigator. I spent the next twenty years becoming old friends with death, mayhem and brutality. I then took a year off to acclimate myself to a “normal” life. During that time. I did some photography and sold a couple of articles, with photos, to the Florida Wildlife Magazine.

I was too young to fully retire, so I went back to work at the local sheriff offices as a 911 dispatcher. When I approached full retirement, my husband thought I should write a book. I thought the poor man was crazy. Imagine my surprise, when I sat at the computer and a book just started pouring out. I found it was easier to re-live some of the awful things I’d seen, if I placed them in a historical context. And the next thing I knew, I was joining a local writers group, signing up for RWA, and sending out synopses!

Since I still have a difficult time thinking of myself as an author, I would only give one piece of advice to anyone considering a career in writing. Do it now! Don’t wait for “someday”. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that life is fleeting, at best, and should never be wasted.


Sarah Haskins’ last family member died months ago, and since then she’s put in way too much overtime at her job as a 911 dispatcher. Looking forward to a much-needed vacation ad some peace of mind, she has no way of knowing that buying a piece of antique Cherokee Indian jewelry will forever change her life.

When Aaron Kramer wakes on a beautiful August morning in 1890, there is nothing to warn him he is going to be hanged that day—hanged and them saved from death by a very confused woman. Beautiful but not quite right in the head, poor thing, she thinks she’s from the future.

While FBI Agent Frank Kramer investigates Sarah’s disappearance from the present, she must adjust to the farm life of a century earlier—and to the man who makes her skin tingle and her heart beat faster. If she returns to her own time, can she be happy there, longing for the only family she has left?


When she got to that part, she stuck her hand in her shirt, and drew out the rawhide ribbon. She held the piece out for Aaron to see. She was not prepared for what happened next.

Aaron’s eyes widened in shock. His knuckles whitened, as he gripped the edge of the bench. He slowly raised a hand to his throat and removed a rawhide ribbon from his shirt. There, on the end of the leather strip, hung an arrowhead, carved from a piece of Tennessee Paint Rock agate.

“Well, imagine that,” Sarah said sarcastically. “Where did you get yours? No, don’t tell me. Anna gave it to you, right?”

“Just before I left to go to Wilmington.”

Sarah had no words left. The whole set of circumstances was so bizarre; she was beginning to believe they were both crazy.

“Aaron, last night, when I asked you what the date was, you told me the year of our Lord, eighteen ninety, right?”

He still looked pale, when he nodded yes.

“Well, when I fell asleep night-before-last, it was the year of our Lord, two thousand sixteen. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

“Somehow, in a way that neither one of us can explain, I left my home, in my time, and arrived here to save you, in yours. Only one hundred twenty-six years lies somewhere between us.”


Where to find Linda…

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4 responses to “Spotlight on Linda Tillis

  1. Nice to learn about you, Linda. I agree about those who say they want to write some day. That day is now – don’t wait! Story sounds great. Best of luck!

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