Science Fiction at a Snail’s Pace

I’m happy to welcome Guelph author and screenwriter Cindy Carroll. Today, Cindy shares her writing journey and new release, The Princess Prophecy.

Here’s Cindy!

I want to thank Joanne for hosting me today! I’m super excited about my new release and my continuing journey as an author.

Like most writers I knew for a long time that I wanted to write. My favourite assignment in English class was writing short stories. When I was in grade six I started my first trilogy about three astronauts who travelled to other planets and met interesting aliens. Back then, I modelled the characters after myself, my cousin, and our favourite singer. He happened to also be a soap opera star, so his name in the stories was Noah. I wrote the first story in grade six and the other two in grade seven. I had the same English teacher both years, so she got to read the entire trilogy. She commented on my love of science fiction after the third story. The science fiction affection didn’t stop at the written word. I loved scifi movies and television shows. I watched all the scifi I could and some of those obscure shows that no one has heard of would come back later to inspire The Princess Prophecy.

Throughout the rest of school I wrote stories here and there, when I had time. In high school I even took a creative writing class. Of course, I was also an avid reader. I loved a variety of different genres and would go through at least a book a week. Sometimes more. I read one of Dean Koontz’s books in a day. Even though I knew books were written by authors, it never occurred to me that I could decide to be an author. That I could write things and send them out into the world for publication. It took a visit to my cousin one summer to turn that light bulb on. She had a typewriter out and I asked what she was doing. She said she was writing a book. My mind exploded with the possibilities and I’ve been writing for publication ever since.

It hasn’t been an easy road. Back then I wanted what most writers wanted. A New York publishing contract. I didn’t even care how much the advance was, though I was hoping for life changing money. I submitted to publishers, and agents. Until 2013 I was still chasing that dream. Then a friend introduced me to self publishing. I haven’t looked back since.

The Princess Prophecy took forever to write by self publishing timelines. The initial idea, a cross between The Princess Diaries and Out of This World (a scifi show from the 80s), sparked in June, 2015, but the book didn’t see the light of virtual bookshelves until a few weeks ago. What took so long? The story was basically written over a year ago. I’d been fiddling with the cover for months, never quite happy with what I’d come up with. Then there was the fear. All other stories (save a few short stories) had been published under super secret pen names. It’s a whole different ball game when you’re publishing something under your own name. But, I squashed down the fear, finished the edits and put it out into the world. With a shiny new cover that I’m in love with.

I just hope the next book won’t take as long to set free.


An ancient throne. An unknown prophecy. A reluctant princess controls the fate of the world…

Sophie thinks she’s a typical college freshman. She spends her days making friends and coping with classes, until her whole world changes forever. A group of strange men try to kidnap her, and the only thing that saves her is a long-lost friend who’s sworn to protect his princess…

Nathan tells Sophie that she’s not only half-alien, but she’s royalty on another planet. To make things more complicated, she’s forced to go to that planet to take the throne… or her entire kingdom will suffer.

As Nathan helps her train for her second life, she can’t help but fall for him. But when their ship comes under attack, she wonders if any of them will survive the journey.



Cindy is a member of Sisters in Crime and a graduate of Hal Croasmun’s screenwriting ProSeries. Her interviews with writers of CSI and Flashpoint appeared in The Rewrit, the Scriptscene newsletter, the screenwriting Chapter of RWA. She writes screenplays, thrillers, and paranormals, occasionally exploring an erotic twist. A background in banking and IT doesn’t allow much in the way of excitement so she turns to writing stories that are a little dark and usually have a dead body. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two cats. When she’s not writing you can usually find her painting landscapes in oil, playing video games (Sims 3 and Sims 4 are favourites), or watching her favourite television shows marathon style.

Where to find Cindy…

Website | Twitter | Facebook Page | Facebook Readers Group | Instagram | BookBub


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