10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Nova Scotia

I’m happy to welcome author Luanna Stewart. Today, Luanna shares her favorite memories of Nova Scotia and her new release, If Wishes Were Earls.

Here’s Luanna!

In no particular order…

1. Except for this one. The number one thing I’m looking forward to with our move to Nova Scotia is returning home. I was born and raised in Halifax, the capital city, and have lived elsewhere more than half my life. It’s time to go home.

2. The Atlantic Ocean. Even though I’m currently living on the coast of Maine, and the same ocean is just a fifteen-minute drive away, it’s not quite the same.

3. The air. Laugh if you will, but the air is different in NS. Probably from a combination of the ocean and the large expanses of evergreen forests. That balsam fir smell, especially after a rain, smells like NS to me.

4. The air. Not a typo. My mum has a summer house on an island off the coast and the briny fresh smell of the air is so luscious you just want to take a bite. On many occasions I’ve stood in her back garden, closed my eyes, and just breathed.

5. Small towns. I like the intimacy. From our new hometown of Lunenburg, to Wolfville where Son1 attended college, to Malagash where my dad was born and where we vacationed when I was a kid, they all have a distinct character. I love exploring the local history, and there is always at least one good restaurant serving a local brew and fish & chips.

6. Camping. There are pictures in the old family album of me camping whilst still in diapers. (They were cloth diapers back in those days – my mum was a saint!) So it’s no wonder camping is in my blood. Hubby and I went camping on our honeymoon, backcountry, the site accessible only by canoe. Our favourite park is Kejimkujik National Park, known as Keji (pronounced KEH-gee). It’s in the middle of the province, full of lakes, rivers and streams, and once you paddle for a few hours to your campsite all you can hear are the loons announcing sunrise and the beavers chewing on lily pads. The night sky is overwhelming in its brilliance.

7. Hiking. Nova Scotia is riddled with hiking trails over all sorts of terrain. Along the coast, deep into old-growth forest, around bogs and marshes, the trails allow for all levels of difficulty.

8. Kayaking. Our new home is right on the ocean so we can push our kayaks into the water from our beach and paddle away, exploring the bays and inlets nearby. If we’re particularly adventurous we can paddle into town!

9. Music. Ah, the fiddle and the bagpipe. On street corners, in pubs, at music festivals, toe-tapping folk music is alive and well. The three biggest influences on the local folk music are Scottish, Irish, and Acadian. Any and all will make you dance in your chair.

10. Cycling. Along with the hiking trails there is a vast network of former railway lines that have been converted into hiking/cycling trails. A wonderful and safe way to explore the area. You can peddle for miles, and because the trails used to be rail lines into the various towns, you can travel into town and pop into a pub for lunch! The best part? No hills.

What are some things you particularly like about where you live? If you had to move away, what would you miss the most?

One commenter will receive a hand-knitted (by me) washcloth and a bar of handcrafted soap. (USA and Canada only.)


A mysterious letter and an enchanted keepsake promise to lead Miranda to her heart’s desire. Or does her heart secretly yearn for more than a sexy earl?


When a mysterious note directs Miss Miranda Large to a tiny village in Cornwall to find her heart’s desire, she has no choice but to go. An enchanted keepsake heightens her curiosity. A snowstorm forces her to accept the hospitality of a sullen, albeit sexy and handsome, earl and Miranda’s wish doesn’t seem so out of reach.

Edward Penhallion, the 12th Earl of Claverlock, is not in the mood to start his search for a new wife. He wants to be left alone with his books and his dreams of revenge. But the arrival of a headstrong, sharp-tongued spinster forces him to play the charming host. Not a difficult task, given her intelligence and beauty. Suddenly, he’s not terribly eager for her to leave.

But as the snow falls and the winds blow, Edward discovers there’s more to Miranda than a lively wit and a lovely face. And Miranda wonders if the trappings of wealth are enough for true happiness.

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Luanna Stewart has been creating adventures for her imaginary friends since childhood. As soon as she discovered her grandmother’s stash of romance novels, all plots had to lead to a happily-ever-after.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Luanna now lives in Maine with her dear husband, two college boys, and two cats. When she’s not torturing her heroes and heroines, she’s in her kitchen baking something delicious.

Writing under the pen name Grace Hood, she has two novellas published with The Wild Rose Press.

Where to find Luanna…

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12 responses to “10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Nova Scotia

  1. I love anything water. Fresh, salt. We have a family camp in Franklin, Maine and there’s nothing like getting on the boat and taking off. Swimming, kayaking…I love that.
    I’ve been to NS and would like to go back since my camera was broken the entire trip and I didn’t know. This was back before cell phone camera and view windows.

    • Hi Michelle, I love kayaking on still water, when all you can hear is the splash of the paddles. I hope you DO return to NS – you know someone with a guest room there, hehe.

  2. Growing up, we spent summers both in the Adirondack Mountains on a lake and in the DELMARVA area on the white sandy beaches on the Atlantic. Now, near the coast of Maine, as you said Lu, not the same. You have to drive and find access to the water that does not intrude on someone’s privacy. We’ll miss having in in Maine, but now I can see why you wish to move 🙂 BY THE WAY – loved your book!

    • Hi Deb, thank you for dropping by! And huge thanks for saying you enjoyed my book. We lived for a time in NJ and those beaches are impressive. Our two boys loved all the action, and the ice cream and fudge shops, hehe.

  3. Lulu…it’s all true what you say about home and NS, just a small correction re camping and diapers…disposables for camping; and a little blue pottie went with us. Blue pottie still doing service as a container for screws, nuts and bolts out in the shed in the country! Mom

  4. Great post! I love Lunenburg. When I was pregnant with my youngest, we traveled to Nova Scotia and camped near Lunenburg. It was breathtaking! The colours of the buildings were so pretty and the view of the water was spectacular – one of my favourite holidays! Best wishes on your move.

    • Hi Linda, it is a gorgeous town, isn’t it? You are so right about the colours of the buildings, including the iconic red warehouses on the waterfront. I can’t wait to get truly settled there. Thank you for stopping by!

    • Hi Rusty, after this past winter that is hanging on by its fingernails and not letting go, I’d love a mild winter. Summertime in NS can’t be beat, that’s for sure. It’s the same here in Maine – just about perfect weather. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Hi Catherine, thank you for stopping by. Nova Scotia is a wonderful place to visit. I’ve barely scratched the surface. I didn’t even mention the miles of sandy beaches with nary another person on them where you can collect sea glass and sand dollars.

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