Movie Review: La La Land

7 Nominations → 7 Wins → Golden Globes Record!

While watching the Golden Globes Awards Ceremony, I got caught up in La La Land fever and knew I had to see this movie…to see if it merited all the hype.

I wasn’t disappointed.

From start to finish, the movie entertains and engages us. The music is simply delightful—not surprising that awards were given for Best Song and Best Musical Score—and the acting is superb—Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have extraordinary screen chemistry.

Set against the backdrop of modern-day Hollywood, this is an old-fashioned story of an aspiring actress who falls for a piano-playing jazz pianist. While much of the movie is grounded in reality, the musical numbers remind us of the razzle-dazzle days of old Hollywood. My favorites include the opening scene where people exit their cars and start dancing on a traffic-clogged freeway in Los Angeles and a later scene where the young lovers take a metaphorical flight up into the stairs of the Rialto Cinema.

I believe it’s impossible to watch this movie and not be uplifted by its inspiring message. Emma Stone said it best: “These have been really rough times. To have something so transporting that brings you joy and nostalgia and hope and heartbreak for two hours is really needed now.” (Interview–Closer Magazine)

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