Movie Review: Sully

Simply riveting.

From start to finish, I sat spellbound, eyes glued to the screen, while Tom Hanks delivers an Oscar-worthy performance as Captain (Sully) Sullenberger.

A true American hero loved and admired by all, Sully faces unexpected turbulence when an internal investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board threatens to undermine his judgment during the critical 208 seconds after the bird attack and his 40-year-old career.

Hanks expertly captures the composure Sully demonstrated throughout the water landing and the PTSD that followed directly afterward. We see a man haunted by “What if” disaster dreams at night and, during the day, awkward media interactions and frustrating encounters with members of the investigating committee, who are determined to prove that Sully could have saved 155 people without risking a water landing and subsequently damaging the aircraft.

Aaron Eckhart adds humor and dry wit as First Officer Jeffrey Skiles. I would have liked to have seen more of Laura Linney (Sully’s wife). The telephone conversations were short, often abrupt, and didn’t reveal the depth of their relationship.

At 96 minutes, this film could be dismissed as a short interlude, but nothing is farther from the truth. Shot entirely in IMAX, each minute of high-resolution format provides the necessary sense of scale needed to depict the plane, the city, the river, and the ferries. Kudos to Clint Eastwood who continues to inspire and entertain us with his directorial savoir-faire.

A must-see film!

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