One Special Moment

I’m thrilled to welcome back Wild Rose Press author Nina Barrett. Today, Nina shares a special moment in her writing journey and latest release, Renegade Heart.

Here’s Nina!


In the back of my head, I hear the Beatles singing about a long and winding road that led me here . . .

Yes, it’s been hard and discouraging, but right now I am remembering one special moment. School had begun that fall. I’d returned energized from my first time at the Antioch Writers’ Workshop, but still shy, still having trouble identifying myself as a writer.

But then one day after school I heard two of my friends talking in the room next door and I gathered up all my courage, went next door and started out through something like “I have something to tell you. I went to the writers’ workshop this summer at Antioch because um, I write and I know a lot of people probably would like to be a writer . . .”

I’m getting teary right now thinking about it, but I can still see their faces – surprise, shock and then the words – that’s wonderful, can we read your stories? And I knew they meant it. And they liked them and wanted more, even through the years when my submissions had the instincts of homing pigeons.

But the call came and they probably still don’t realize that I might not have hung in there waiting for it if not for the encouragement they have gave me that day.

My third release, Renegade Heart came out on April 27th.

RenegadeHeart_w10326_med (2)


As if Vegas didn’t have excitement enough, December brings the National Finals Rodeo to the city. Heading the Imperial Hotel’s participation as a host hotel, Kerstin Hennepin is rushing to a meeting when a fall sends her tumbling into a stranger’s arms and he’s in no hurry to let her go.

Jake Aaron is a troubleshooter for the rodeo Or maybe he’s just plain trouble. Their attraction is instant and one close encounter leads to another, but Jake comes with plenty of questions. True he’s busy handing the offstage antics of rowdy rodeo contestants, but does his job also include romancing a young barrel rider and carrying a concealed weapon?

With the finale of the Finals approaching, Kerstin needs answers. But when her search for the truth reveals more is going on behind the scenes than on the arena floor, she and Jake are squarely in someone’s cross hairs.


Where to find Nina…

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8 responses to “One Special Moment

    • read that 80% of your sales comes thru recommendations from family and friends – there’s no replacing them!

  1. I love the cover and blurb! So glad you received the encouragement you needed, and at the right time. Life is great that way! Best wishes on your third novel, and sending you hopes for a successful release!

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