Film Review – Me Before You

I’ve been closely following the Assisted Death conversation in Canada and the federal government’s struggle to draft a bill that would address the concerns of Canadians facing this dilemma. While I have my own opinions, I like to think that I’m open to other points of view.

I approached Me Before You, the film adaptation of Jo Jo Moyes bestselling novel, with some trepidation, wondering if the tone would be too depressing.

Thankfully, my fears were short-lived.

I immediately fell in love with the main characters: Emilia Clarke, who plays Louisa Clark, the small town caregiver and companion to Will Traynor (Sam Chaflin), a wealthy young banker whose entire world collapses when he becomes paraplegic and wheelchair bound.

Sparks fly as Louisa attempts to cheer the mournful Will with her chattiness, effervescent spirit, and brightly colored clothes and shoes. Eventually, she breaks through his icy reserve and an unexpected relationship blossoms.

The storyline is an engaging one. So many delightful moments ensue as Louisa discovers subtitled films, pesto (green gravy), and Mozart. In turn, Will enjoys his foray into Louisa’s life when he visits and meets her family on the occasion of her birthday. The distribution of gifts is hilarious.

A kiss under a tropical thunderstorm, dance floor adventures, and dreams of Paris can only hint at a fairy tale ending…

Bring lots of tissues!!

2 responses to “Film Review – Me Before You

  1. My teens talked about this book/movie in high school class discussion. It makes for interesting conversation. I’ve gotta go see it;)

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