A Multi-Act Life

Welcome to my Second Acts Series!

Today, we have author Charmaine Gordon chatting about her multi-act life and her latest release, Together, Again.

Here’s Charmaine!

charmainegordon“The time has come,” the walrus said.

And here I am so happy to be visiting with you again.

This is a wonderful day. Why you may ask? The answer is I woke up. A simple task like rising, gazing out the window, and a sniff of fresh air. YIPPEE! This woman is raring to go. I tiptoe out not to wake the sleeping honey and what do I see? Five cats waiting to be fed. They tumble and mew toward the kitchen. This is not a bad way to begin a full day. All my 85 years have been filled with the care of someone or something. As a small child, the only girl among many boys, I learned to cook and to sew. My intention was to dance,sing and act but back in the dinosaur days, girls were secondary.

As an Air Force Wife of a pilot during the Korean war, women were forever pregnant including me-count ‘em-six. The men returned from Temporary Duty in far places with the military band playing, flags flying. The joke was, “What’s the second thing you’ll do when you get home?” The answer was, “Take off my parachute.”

Moving along, we moved to NY as civilians and I gathered my dusty talents and began an acting career in daytime drama, on stage, and movies having the best time of my life because it was mine alone. Sure I came home and made dinner for the family and loved up the dear husband but those hours were mine. Picture lunch with Anthony Hopkins “Call me Tony”, dancing with Harrison Ford during a break in Working Girl, Chatting with Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction. Yes, it all was for real until twelve years passed and my voice stopped working. A catastrophe. No more acting.

How many acts have I been through? Many, I do believe. This act started with an idea and I wrote a book without knowing how. To Be Continued is the title. Vanilla Heart Publishing offered a contract and six years later, I write every day with a pile of books to my credit.

Together, Again is my latest.



A wealthy couple, no children in sight, answer the door one day to find a replica of the woman living there, titian hair and all. Charlie is her name and so begins the story. Years later Charlie’s young twin sisters , now seventeen, are rescued by the same couple with a big heart. It’s a tale of love and hearts that keep on giving.


“The portly lawyer presented his case to the most important critical judge and jury. In an attempt to bribe his lovely wife, he removed the elegant strap heels from her slender feet. The massage he’d perfected over their many years of marital bliss brought a skeptical frown between her perfect eyebrows.

““Stuart, speak now or forever hold your piece. Save the tricks for the bedroom.”

“Dimples appeared in his cherubic cheeks. “Guilty as charged, Eleanor.”

“Puzzled, she unwrapped a truffle, dark chocolate with a coconut filling and let the sweetness melt in her mouth before a quick chew and swallow. She pulled her husband’s head down kissing his parted lips to share the chocolate taste.

““Don’t distract me too much. I have to cover more ground before I cover you.”

““Move on, Stuart.”
“As you know, the twins have been texting me for a while. They wanted to call but the school doesn’t allow phone calls and they didn’t know if you are, what they refer to as, ‘into texting.’ I text back right away and always say whenever they want to leave there and live with us, they are welcome. So just before I left the office, I received a text saying Help. They are so ready to leave like now. Their words, my love. We leave very soon.”

“She jumped to her bare feet and paced the study. “I’m excited but worried at the same time. What about Elizabeth? Maybe she won’t let them go.”

““I have my ways, sweetheart. I’ve been investigating her past for a long time and now I have enough information to send her away. But that’s not my intention. She’s evil to have instigated Charlie into doing what a young girl had to do to protect her mother. No more will Elizabeth get away with it.” He rose and gathered her in his arms. “And now please allow me one more truffle before you chase me to the bedroom to have your way with me. Ring for Edgar to hold all calls. Sean should walk Lord and Lady before going home. We are not to be disturbed.” Heading toward their private section of the expansive home on Lake Shore Drive, Stuart paused. “Our Labradoodles are aging, Eleanor. It’s time to order two more from the breeder. What color would you prefer?” He closed and locked the bedroom suite.

Eleanor Alfred eyed her husband while she dropped the silk dress to the floor. “Is that what you’ll say when I’ve no longer aged to perfection? What color should I order?” She smacked him across his shoulder.


Where to find Charmaine…

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Joanne here!

Charmaine, your posts and comments inspire and motivate me. Best of luck with Together, Again.


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