Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Dancing

I’m thrilled to welcome author Mariposa Cruz to the Power of 10 series. Today, Mariposa shares ten excellent reasons why you should be dancing and her latest release, Package Deal.

Here’s Mariposa!

mariposa cruz1. There’s nothing like hearing your favorite song while on the dance floor. Best of all when you hear that song again whether you’re doing dishes or stuck in traffic, you’ll be instantly transported back to the dance floor.

2. With such a broad range of genres, there is dance for everyone. If you like a Latin beat but feel intimidated by Salsa’s spicy rhythm, try Bachata. The basic step for Bachata is easily learned in one lesson making it a favorite for club lessons. If you can do a box step, you can do Bachata.

3. The history of many dances involve a cultural blend of a variety of music genres and myth. Bachata was once danced in the peasant neighborhoods and brothels of the Dominican Republic. Cumbia was originally a courtship dance brought by slaves to the coastal towns of Columbia. While I don’t know where the true history ends and myth begins– dancing unites people across culture and time.

4. It’s fun twirling in circles while your skirt whirls around, acceptable on the dance floor—less so in other public places if you are over the age of six.

5. You have the chance to get your bling on. Whether you’re in tight blue jeans or a slinky black dress nothing dresses up an outfit like sparkly hoop earrings or rhinestone dangles.

6. For writers the dance floor is a great source for stories. My experiences in clubs and dance class were the inspiration behind my Rhythm and Romance series. Reno has a vibrant Salsa scene and I knew it had to be the backdrop for “Package Deal”.

7. Your gym does not serve margaritas or mojitos. Where else can you get a cardio work out and finish with a refreshing cocktail?

8. If you’re single, dancing is a great way to determine the measure of a man. Is his lead rigid and controlling? Does he fix you with an icy stare with every missed step? If you notice any red flags on the dance floor it may be time to waltz in the opposite direction.

9. Whether you’re on the dance floor or watching from the sidelines the show is fascinating and always changing. Where else can you see a fashion show, high drama and amazing dancing all played out in on a single stage?

10. You meet people of all ages from all walks of life on the dance floor from college students to retirees.



Widowed attorney, Liz Grant, buries her grief in a deluge of paperwork. On whim she takes a free dance lesson at the club Eclipse where the mojitos are cold and the Salsa is hot. She falls for Salsa’s spicy rhythms and Patrick Cavanaugh’s sexy grin. But can Liz handle the dramatic change of tempo in her well-ordered life?

Patrick has all the right moves, but struggles to keep his balance as his adult daughter spins out of control. Will their love survive off the dance floor?



Mariposa Cruz balances writing with working as a fulltime corporate paralegal. As a writer she has interviewed a variety of characters from cowboy crooners to rock divas. Her articles have appeared in local magazines and indie newspapers. She currently resides in Reno, Nevada.

To find out more about Package Deal, author interviews and classic horror movie reviews check out:

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