An Artist’s Prayer

On Monday evening, I participated in another session with The Artist’s Way group, facilitated by Lisa Browning of One Thousand Trees. Lisa shared the following prayer, written by visual arts teacher and writer Marion Reidel.


I will step out of the shadows
And will accept all invitations
I will seek out play dates
Down the spiritual path
In the realm of the sacred
Paying attention to life around me
I am witness to my own life
I will practice being kind to myself
And experiment with solitude
Welcoming my inner silence
What is unsought, will go undetected
And what I focus on will expand

I will create for my own satisfaction
And be happy with what I create
Giving myself permission to be a beginner
I will evict my inner critic
So I will surrender the need to be perfect
For there are no mistakes
For I have all the courage I need
Yet, I will admit when I need help
Letting go of the negative
I will feel less frustrated
I don’t know yet what I can do
And clarity will find me


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