If Not Now, When?

Welcome to my Second Acts Series!

Today, we have social media/digital marketing consultant Lucille Fisher sharing her journey and extraordinary calling.

Here’s Lucille!

lucillefisherA friend and meditation teacher often asked, “If not now, when?” Three years ago, this became my mantra.

By choice, I deferred my marketing career to bring up my two children. I took jobs that allowed me to be available to them but did not provide for my longed for creative stimulation or challenge. I tried to exercise my marketing and sales abilities by incorporating them into these jobs and through volunteer work but ultimately, especially when my children went off to college, I was left empty. Dreams of a fulfilling career nagged at me.

About six years ago, I became fascinated with social media marketing and anxious to learn everything I could about it. As I learned about the strategies, best practices, and power of social media, I would share this knowledge with my friends, many of whom owned their own businesses. Often they would say, “You have to teach me that.” It dawned on me that there was a real need for a savvy social media consultant who understood how baby boomers learn. This was a need I could fill. I had the formal education, the know-how, and the desire but I had to confront my fear of failure and the voice in my head that said, “You are crazy to be taking on building a consulting business post fifty.”

Inspirational quotes that I clung to during those moments were:

When you follow your bliss…doors will open where you would not have thought there were doors…and the world will step in and help.” Joseph Campbell

You must do the things you think you cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt

Leap and the net will appear. Zen Saying

The final event that propelled me to leave my job and consult full time was when one of my friends quit her lucrative position at 50 years old to write a book and follow her passion. I said to myself: “So I am over 50, I can do it too.” And I did.

Today, I am a social media/digital marketing consultant and am always learning new things. My mission is to take that knowledge and empower my fellow baby boomer business owners to understand and utilize social media marketing in their businesses. Thus the logo for my business, Sage and Savvy Marketing, is a bridge and my tagline, “Your Bridge to the Social Media and Digital World.”


Consulting comprises so many different elements: problem solving, creative thinking, and facilitating change. Every day offers new and exciting opportunities to propel my clients and their businesses forward. I feel honored to witness my clients “Aha” moments.

My advice to anyone planning to pursue a second act is to not allow fear to win out. YOU CAN DO IT! The universe is waiting for you to “show up” and it’s never too late to pursue a dream. Ask yourself “If not now, when?”

Where to find Lucille…

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Joanne here!

Lucille, thanks for an inspiring and motivating post. BTW…I’ll be using your mantra!


8 responses to “If Not Now, When?

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  2. Thank you June. it feels good to inspire another human being. These quotes adorn my office and bedroom. There are more but the post would have been very long if I included them all:). Lucille

  3. What an inspirational post!
    Thank you, Lucille. I’m printing it out, to keep somewhere visible.
    I already have ‘Leap and the net will appear’ in large letters on my wall!
    Thank you too, Joanne.
    Wonderful start to the week.

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