A 1000 Mile Midlife Journey Starts with One Courageous Step

Welcome to my Second Acts Series!

Today, we have coach and speaker Saskia Jennings sharing an extraordinary journey that spanned two continents.

Here’s Saskia!

saskiapictureMy life was that common routine of getting up to go to work, come home to cook, watch TV or visit a friend. My marriage had lost the fire and we divorced.

They say: “Life starts at 40″… And I was excited, I couldn’t wait to get there.

But it wasn’t much of a party. I lost my coveted job (burnout “they” called it), and I faced major physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges. My life had turned upside down, total midlife crisis, although I didn’t realize it at the time.

I would say that my First Act ended confused, disappointed and feeling lost…

Longing for something new and exciting I took on a new job, for that needed “security” and I went back to school. I entered a four year part-time program in alternative medicine. I loved it, four evenings in the week in school, lots of interesting learning and I healed myself in the meantime.

I also started exploring Canada and from the moment I set foot on Canadian ground, I hopped in a car and left the big City behind. I felt home in the forest, at the lakes and stargazing in the wide open skies. “I belong here” I said to myself, I knew it!

My mind’s eye saw future images, a vision and my almost ‘out of body’ experiences gave me a real good feeling, although it was scary sometimes!

So I decided to start my Second Act. In 2005 at the age of 45, I made the decision to move from Rotterdam in The Netherlands to Northern Ontario in Canada, leaving my small family behind in Holland. On my travels, I had met the man of my dreams and he lived deep in the forest.

Now, that was different! No neighbours, no public transportation. I had no car, no bank account, no high speed internet. What we did have was a warm home, my very first vegetable garden that was shown to me in my vision, wildlife, forest and lakes and each other. I took one step at a time: getting my own car so I could make new friends in town, take courses and get a job. I also retrained as a Reflexologist and Intuitive Healer and started my own business Creating Being Well on the side.

Oh and in case you are wondering… I LOVE SNOW!

My Second Act threw another challenge at me. I ended the marriage after five years due to a lack of trust, questionable money management, and some abusive issues. No, I didn’t get physically harmed. All other areas in my life however were in turmoil. I felt small, unworthy, neglected (mostly by myself) and my self-esteem had reached an all-time low. I felt terrified for two years. I kept pleasing my “marriage” and it wasn’t until I got sick again that I tapped into my trust and courage, reconnecting with my own values.

No more procrastination! I left the marriage, found a safe place in the forest and started all over again. Time to transform my midlife crisis into Midlife BLISS!™

I invested my remaining savings in hiring a coach and taking new directions and training.

I started moving forward, in growing trust and faith. The biggest AHA’s and celebrations were about acknowledging myself, who I truly am. Valuing my gifts and skills. It sparked renewed confidence. My energetic, dynamic, courageous and caring nature started to come to full bloom, one colorful bud at a time. I became an inspiring messenger, coach and speaker, a Catalyst for Midlife BLISS!™


When I took the training to become a Sacred Money Archetypes© certified coach I discovered my own money challenges and the way to turn that around and become wholly independent.

If I’m a true Connector, how could that help me take the next step?

The answer was simple and so clear: “MOVE!”

In mid 2013, I packed up again, left the forest behind and moved to Toronto. I’m still a bit in culture shock, and the best part is that I’m coming into alignment with who I am. The vision board I made three years ago is coming alive: growing into the joy and abundance of Midlife BLISS!™

I am allowing myself to thrive and be successful and happy, I don’t need any more approval from anyone. And I love teaching this deep transformational work to other women who are stuck on midlife crossroads.

When I talk in front of an audience of women and usually wearing my favorite orange jacket, I’m on fire! And my contagious energy brings smiles, warms hearts and helps women become more empowered. That’s what makes my heart jump and I’m busy spreading Midlife BLISS!TM over the world. My mentor holds me accountable, my clients, my ‘peeps’, my new connections all support me wholeheartedly. I have my retreats in nature mapped out: Women in the Woods: Ignite your Midlife BLISS!™

I am grateful. What’s next?

“You can’t do it alone, and you have to do the work” my favorite quote, by Werner Erhard.


Saskia Jennings is a true Catalyst for Midlife BLISS!TM, intuitive Midlife Coach and Sacred Money Archetypes Cert. Coach, Trainer, Author and Speaker. With her signature system: Transform your Midlife Crisis into Midlife BLISS!™ she specializes in helping women like you to turn your fears into real midlife fulfilment, honoring your self-worth, overcome midlife money challenges and finding your true essence. She runs her programs locally and worldwide, online and on-site.

Upcoming events – 2015

January 29-31st: “Unite Your Health & Wealth” Workshop Facilitator and Speaker at the virtual LIVE summit: Women and Money: http://womenandmoneysummit.com

Unite your Health & Wealth is a collaboration of 2 caring, passionate women: Sharon Carne (http://soundwellness.com) and Saskia Jennings

Spring & Summer: “Unite Your Health & Wealth” 3-day women only Retreat: Calgary/Toronto http://unitemyhealthandwealth.com

February 27-Mar. 1: Women in the Woods, Ignite Your Midlife BLISS!™ Location: “The Birches” at beautiful Lake Joseph in Muskoka (Parry Sound, Ontario).

October: Midlife BLISS!™ Conference – Toronto

Where to find Saskia…

Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube | Google+

Joanne here!

Wow! Saskia, thanks for sharing your inspiring journey and wonderful advice. I looking forward to hearing more about Midlife BLISS!™


7 responses to “A 1000 Mile Midlife Journey Starts with One Courageous Step

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    • Hi Jessica, I agree that this is a wonderful blog series and I’m happy I got my courage to write this blog:-)
      I usually have the wooden shoes with me at my presentations and if you’ve watched the video, you see how it is a part of my story. Thanks!

    • Thank you June. You made me pause for a moment…how many times did I pick myself up… and I realize I can do it every time. Although sometimes it takes 2 years,, sometimes 2 days to do it. It helps when I visualize Midlife BLISS! and my vision.
      I feel much bliss with your comment, sending a hug.

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