Table Topics for Movember


At today’s Toastmaster meeting, I was Table Topics Master. While Movember is a popular topic, I wanted to ensure that everyone was familiar with the history behind this successful global health movement. I created a Fact Sheet for Movember and distributed a copy to each member.

Afterward, I presented the following ten scenarios (Table Topics for Movember Scenarios)

Role: Business Consultant

An ultra-conservative supervisor has made it clear that he does not approve of facial hair in the workplace. Persuade him to make an exception for Movember.

Role: Good Employee

You have volunteered to organize a Movember fund raiser. What type of event would you organize?

Role: Education Consultant

A kindergarten teacher has noticed that some of her students are afraid of moustaches. How would you explain Movember to four- and five-year-old children?

Role: Good friend

A group of ladies are complaining about their husbands’ mustaches. Two of them are actually thinking of taking vacations (without their husbands) until the Movember madness is over. Explain the importance of Movember and the need for patience.

Role: Business Consultant

In one workplace, all the employees are female. They want to participate in the fun of Movember. Do you have any suggestions for them?

Role: Social Rep

You are organizing a contest for the best moustache in your workplace. Which celebrity mustaches would you use to promote this event?

Role: Business Consultant

The men in a certain department have embraced Movember and taken it a bit too far. They have started to grow beards, wear sloppy clothes, and focus primarily on the social aspects of the event. Remind them of the rules and the objectives of Movember.

Role: Good neighbor

A group of friendly aliens have landed in your neighborhood. Bald and hairless, they are horrified by all the moustaches and are thinking of returning to their planet. Explain the importance of Movember and persuade them to stay.

Role: Social Convener

The residents of a retirement home are starting to show signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Animate them by explaining Movember and encourage them to participate. What events could you organize?

Role: Social Rep

Your supervisor is concerned about low staff morale. Remind your colleagues about Movember. What events could you organize in your workplace?

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