Trailer Tuesday: Cheryl Yeko

Welcome to the Trailer Tuesday series!

Today, I am pleased to feature a trailer from Soul Mate author Cheryl Yeko.

Cheryl’s Thoughts…

The Notary was a lot of fun for me to write, because the story stems from my actual work as a mobile notary. I started a virtual assistant business back in 2003, which quickly blossomed into a mobile notary service where I conducted real estate closings for title companies. It was a great gig for a while, then the market crashed and the jobs became more scarce. Although to this day, I conduct an occasional closing, but with my full workload as a writer/editor, I’m very choosy on the assignments I accept.

The Notary’s premise, where the heroine is given an incorrect address for an assignment and shows up at the wrong home, actually happened to me. Of course, I didn’t walk into the middle of an undercover operation with a sexy cop to save me.

I created the book trailer for The Notary myself, and I love how it turned out. It helps that I had such an awesome book cover!



4 responses to “Trailer Tuesday: Cheryl Yeko

    • Thanks. It took me a long time searching for the perfect house for the trailer…longer than it took to locate my H/h….


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